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NATG2 Day 7 - Size Matters Not

Done using my very first PaintTool SAI methodology. It was, by far, the cleanest approach I've ever come up with. Combining linework layers painstakingly picked out with a mouse since I didn't have a tablet at the time, and the judicious use of dozens, if not hundreds of layers, I could layer colors on with the bucket tool or even scrub them out with the mouse. The meticulous use of layering also allows for a great deal of on-the-fly modification of the underlying linework with little to no energy cost.

However, I don't use this method anymore for a specific reason; it's painfully slow. The sketch for this drawing cost me about 15 minutes, mostly because it was actually the second sketch, I threw out the first one, but I'm still counting it in the time. The rest of the drawing, and its 128 individually named layers in 29 groups, cost me about 3h 20m. That means nearly three and a half hours of doing work that, by my current, tablet-enhanced methods, costs me just a third of that time.

Nevertheless, I promised to do this NATG each, and every different way I knew how, and although I whiffed on my 30m target - by something like a factor of 7 - it was still a nice experience and gave me a chance to really put at least one solid work up.

You can watch me do the tedious coloring and vectoring work at [link] and you can find the original sketch is below:
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Lol, brain size didn't change either. :lol:
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Applebloom is bigger than you Sweetie Belle, so I wouldn't mouth off. She could sit on you! :O

Really nice work! I like the wood texture look you did too.
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I'm glad you liked it. :) The wood is actually part of a larger project I've been doing in regards to studying how to do more with less.