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as I write this  my computer is on it's last legs I will need to buy a new one soon and I simply can't afford to since moving to Toronto and having to buy a large bundle of books for Anime North hopefully, sales at AN will go well enough for me to buy a computer afterwards but, for now I am on a dying one which means no new pages , or art for the foreseeable future... sorry... if you'd like to help me out though you can order copies of my books or, donate via paypal or, ask for a commission I will try to be online even if I have to go to a library or internet cafe.."ICK"

here are some options if you'd like to help me out & prices include shipping in the U.S. & Canada

2 character B&W Commission -$10 -almost anything goes!

Ben Dunn pack consists of Jenna & NHS, Ben Dunn Shorts & Swimmer  vol: 1 and they'll be signed by Ben Himself! $40.00

Jim Felker pack consists of The Complete Changes, "More" Changes vol: 1 , Island of Submission vol: 1 an original page of art & a 2 character commission $45.00

all ages pack consists of Swimmer vol: 1, Alena vol: 1, & M-Fuzion # 1 $20.00

Adults only pack consists of HentaiZine #'s 1-3 $25.00

payments only via paypal currently:

if you can help me out gang it'd be greatly appreciated and I can get back to doing more stories for you...

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Submitted on
May 14, 2010