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Oct, 25th 2005 - July 25,2018  13 years of Changes ... 

It's been a while since i've wrote a's been a busy year for me  but, moments like this only come along once!  so, I want to say a hearty thank you to everyone that has read Changes whether it's been for the last 13 years or, just recently. I do appreciate it though, it wouldn't hurt to get a comment now and then too ^_~ with Changes hitting page 800 and running for 13 years it is officially the longest running transgender/BDSM comic of all time  and though i'm sure someone may eclipse that one day i'm happy up on that pedestal for now until i'm knocked off.  With 800 story pages let's not forget the hundreds of other bonus pages that have been posted over the years from pin-ups, to shorts,TPB exclusive stories, chibi Changes, BDSM & You, and of course all the amazing fan art i've gotten over the years from so many talented folks, so many way more talented than i could ever claim to be  yes, with all those bonus pages Changes is officially past 1000 pages in total. 

But, as the sun must rise it also must set  and Changes is currently in its final sunset as we enter the final story lines before the series concludes next year one last time. Two years ago when i was going through Radiation treatment i wasn't sure if I could ever complete the series the way I truly wanted to as it hurt to draw then I took a break for a while and came back after my treatments and started doing the series twice a week in color.  Now, here we are , page 800. Sarah is a Domme and is helping a new girl to transition we've come full circle but, as with the rest of the series we focus on the family and the drama in their lives and the lives of their friends. 

we've watched the family grow over the last 13 years , we've seen them lose people and now, pets they love but, they've never stopped being a family nor have they ever stopped loving one another even though  they do argue now and then. Who knows where Sarah, Jessica, Jamie, Talia, Jen, Aurora, etc will be at the end of the story. years will pass, things will happen and stories will end. Some sadly. 

so, thanks for 13 great years of support for my silly little comic. we've got a few more stories to tell before we head into that sunset next year one final time...


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