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Artist // Hobbyist // Digital Art
  • Apr 25, 1973
  • Sweden
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My Bio

My name is Jimmie Josefsson. I came in contact with fractals in the middle of the 80’s. I had a Commodore Amiga 500. First fractals were coded in Amiga Basic. With enormous rendertimes. I got my hand on another fractal generator later which was a little faster. Then some years ago I picked up fractaling again on my PC. Now everthing was faster and more of everthing. I’ve always been fashinated with fractals from the moment I first saw them.

Favourite Visual Artist
Maurits Cornelis Escher
Favourite Movies
Star Wars
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Machine Head, Lord of the lost
Tools of the Trade
Ultra fractal, Apophysis, Sterlingware, Fractal Explorer, PhotoShop
Other Interests
Spending time with my lovely girlfriend Alicia and my son Leo, music, fishing, playing guitar in my band OBLIVION.
I wish all my friends here a Happy New Year! I hope it will be a year full of joy and love.
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Here is the link to a video where I doodle a bit in Ultra Fractal. My old YouTube account was hijacked and the banned. And it's a heck of a work to get it back. So I used and old YouTube account and reposted this.
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Thanks for the badge under this fractal image!

20231106 The way of processing unacceptable...

When I see other persons' fine fractal artwork, it still make me feel ashamed to make unperfect fractal images recording my life which is also weird in anyone else's aspects...

Oh, look who the cat dragged in! Long time, no see!!

Hehe! Yes, I'm still alive.

Thank you for the diamond badge!!

20220923 Invalid Utility

That image called "20220923 Invaild Utility"really took me a lot of time to finish and its description must be very strange to you...

And when I'm going to write something to express my gratitude,I noticed that I've also written a lot of things in one message before. Since August,I've been always too busy to check any information related to the Amiga but I remembered once seeing someone submitted one fractal image on FractalForums saying that it's made with his own Amiga fractal program. If I have literally a lot of free time,I will run WinUAE again myself.Meow Love

You are so welcome! And Merry Christmas!!!

Thank you so much for the badge on my latest UF fractal image!! Although I still think that it wasn't perfect,it took me many days to finish it. :sluglove:

I've read your bio and it reminded me of these things I did earlier in this year.

So basically although I was younger than you, I got interested about Commodore Amiga at the end of April because its operating system has a different look and feel than Windows and it seems that there's some games and softwares which would attract me on the Amiga.

Also at that time I had quitted making fractal images and it seems that there's some fractal programs on the Amiga which will bring back my interest on fractals.

Then I've watched some tutorials about Amiga emulator and the operating system called "Workbench".

However these fractal software I've found on Aminet was way less powerful than these modern ones except ZoneXplorer. ZoneXplorer seems to be powerful enough but it's too difficult to use it.

So I've given up using Amiga fractal softwares and I chose to learn some 3D rendering softwares such as Lightwave instead. Although I'm too busy to check out these stuff now, the Amiga scene is active and welcoming and it's definitely not a piece of bad memory getting to know about it.

:meow:Hope that my expression won't be too hard to understand...

Hehe, I see we have a similar background yes. I was involved in the demoscene too on the Amiga in the beginning of the 1990's. I was a member of a demogroup where I was the gfx artist. I did a little coding too but I never published anything of that. I tried assemble coding for a while but othere interests starting to come up in my life so I stopped with computers for many years.