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Shooting with the wonderful -J- at a portrait workshop I attended on the weekend :squee:

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beautiful model
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Very beautiful!!! Heart
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you are welcome!:)
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love her look very much
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Daumen hoch!
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Amazing portrait! Beautiful colours! :-)
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Great shot. the colors really pop out. The skin looks good and not over done. Eyes lips and nose spot on sharp.
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Thx so much :bow:
To be honest, after hearing some comments from
friends I wasn't sure anymore that the skin isn't over done ...
But I still think it fits into the picture :)
I would do it again :D
Her skin is on the cusp of having too much makeup.
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You think so? :(
For example, the photos "Feel" (… and "Thin Line" (….

Intellectually, I know that she's wearing foundation, lipstick and dying her hair, but they enhance her, not scream out, "look how clever our MUA is!"

Hopefully I'm explaining myself cogently...
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Yes, you do :)

Thanks for pointing it out!
It was one of my first portraits, so maybe my postprocessing
was also a bit too much :D
I'm still in my learning phase ^^
Note, though, that this is just *my* aesthetic preference, which strongly tends towards the "healthy and happy" natural look (with a heavy dollop of retro tossed in).  There are tons of women who love to look made up, and just as many men who like to look at them that way...

maybe my postprocessing was also a bit too much

Less is usually more, IMO.  And beware of fads!  For a while it was "every photo must have a shadow", and now it, "every photo must have a light flare"...  :O

In a way, it reminds me of the early days of desktop publishing, when as soon as they got a Mac they went crazy with fonts.

IOW, K.I.S.S.!!
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For some of my studio works I strive for perfect skin.
I just like the look :D
As you said, it all depends on aesthetic preferences :)
Sometimes I also like the natural look. But my studio is worthless for
natural light :(

I also noticed the "every photo must have a light flare" trend :D
But I have to say I like them too :stupidme:

Thanks a lot for the great comments! :)
Yeah.  Two things:
1) It reflects light in a different way than plain skin and lesser amounts of makeup.
2) The blush "rounds" her face in an almost unnatural manner.

I can just see: that's not *her*; it's what the makeup artist wants me to think she looks like.  (Of course, illusion is the purpose of *all* makeup, and we know that.  IMO, though, the best makeup doesn't *look* like makeup.)

But like I wrote before: it's just on the cusp.
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