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sprocket sunset

By jimothy
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had this idea to expose passed the sprocket holes for a very very long time now. but apparently i'm not the the first. in fact, i think i realized there is no such thing as original thought this day and age. but anyway. it was a fun little 15 minute hike in my moms' new house's backyard...
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i know u have two layers combined together
but like.... which layer is set to which?? you know like multiply, lighten, dark color, overlay, ect... and which pic is on top of which... im really having a hard time with the combining of layers

do tell plz
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it's an action set i got called a Holga Camera. ;c) Holga's are meant to take 120 film, which is over twice the width of normal 35mm film, but you're able to load the camera with 35mm film. And when you do that, the camera is exposing over the sprocket holes.

This image is one capture, and no more than a levels adjustment in photoshop.

Thanks for all the faves!
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oh.. thx for the tip
i didnt know that
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u know I thought so too when I did it. I think its more about how u use it. Color looks really great, I used B&W and it wasnt nearly as effective. what may be a better use for u is as a panorma that uses all the negative. most panaramas cut off the bottom and top. this way you can catch a lot more and work with different demension. just crop off teh holes when you scan it. sorry if this is something you already thought off, i wsa playing with teh idea in my head but I think it could go to much better use in your hands.
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i dont give a fuck this series kicks ass and fuck all those hos who tell you different!
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that looks really cool! how did you pull that off?
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with a holga, my friend. if i wasn't so drunk with sickness and nyquil, i'd explain in detail. just look up "Holga" and "Sprocket Photography." i'm sure someone's made a website of it somewhere.
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I haven't seen the idea before...and I love it. The colors are excellent.
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