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The Spectacular Spider-Jane

By jimnorth
A while back I started up a fan fic series I call Lawndale Marvels, which mixes the Daria and Marvel Comics universes together. The first story was The Spectacular Spider-Girl, and I just recently started writing on Rise of the Green Goblin, which inspired me to finally draw a picture of our intrepid heroine, Spider-Jane!

Traditional pencils with digital ink and coloring.
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Looks amazing x'D
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Awesome Love spider Jane! w00t! 
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Thankya kindly.  :D
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Oh, how I wish this was part of the main Spiderman continuity.
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You're welcome!
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Gratz on the Booties nomination :D

So you and tLc are going to collaborate and completely sweep next year's right? :D

And for those curious about what I'm referring to by the Booties...

Every year, we Daria fans compile a list of the best fan created art and written works including characters from the show and vote on them in a series of categories.

This marvelous work was nominated for Favorite Visual Inspired by a Fan Written Work

Feel free to check out The Paperpusher's Message Board (the main forum for Daria art, discussion and fanfiction) and DariaWiki for more Daria fan fiction & art, as well as information on the Daria Fanworks Awards.
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tLc and I will be all like "FANFIC, BITCHES" and everyone will be like "OH SNAP YO, WE DUN JUST GOT FICSMACKED!" and then we will have all the votes.

All of them.
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You know I had to fave this. ;P
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I did know! How the heck did I know that?! :ohnoes:
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Wait, are you able to read my mind, too??! :o
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I knew you were going to say that.
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I knew you knew I was going to say that. ;P
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But I didn't! I only knew that you knew that I knew!

Did you know that? :lol:
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I might not have known that, but I do know that you're awesome. :D

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I can't wait for your second story to come out
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