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The Misery Chick

By jimnorth
Daria, misery chick.
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She found fanfics of Jane dying.  I can't blame her.
lulamaegolightly's avatar
As cynical and unwavering as she was, I always did wonder if she would be the type to be upset, or even cry from time to time. Great work!
jimnorth's avatar
Thankya kindly.  :)
masato2501's avatar
I've been there many times, and probably be there again soon.
WhompyWhomperson's avatar
Awww poor Daria *hugs*
Yinyanged's avatar
But she's not miserable. She's just not like them.
jimnorth's avatar
It really makes you think!
Yinyanged's avatar
What is there to think about?
38020's avatar
If you can make it through the night, there's a brighter day.

Everyday's a struggle gotta stroll on, gotta roll on.

But aim is to show ya that I understand, (Sweet lady).
GeekWayne's avatar
Aww. It's weird seeing her sad, yet i just began watching this show so I don't know if she ever shows signs of being upset.
2shycharmgal's avatar
awww thats so sad but this is a amazeing picture none the less
Dragonstar78's avatar
Either Tom said something to upset her, or she saw Trent snogging another girl.
jimnorth's avatar
Monique is found in a dumpster the next day, body rolled up in a carpet.
Bruiser235's avatar
You're too much. Who's to say Daria's not a sociopath? I don't reall think so, but the thought remains...
jimnorth's avatar
Yep, you'll continue to think she's not a sociopath right up until the middle of the night when you wake up to find her standing at the side of your bed.


Bruiser235's avatar
Haha good one. You never know.
It hurts to look at that. Poor kid.
dolphin64575's avatar
don't know what's going on, but love her posture! great art!
ciarablaze's avatar
*sadface* poor Daria. :(
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