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Jane's been acting a little funny ever since they changed her medication.
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this taste
is the taste of a liar!
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haaaahahahahah, look at Kevin. I bet Brittany would be beating his ass if she caught him staring.
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I love Jane Lane so much.
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This is cute. I like how Stacy is looking. She looks pretty surprised!
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I remember this serie!!!!
Jaja!! good work!!!
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Thanks! And thanks again for tha fave! :D
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You pulled the style off really well!! I like Jane's expression here XD Lick...silly Jane
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Heheh . . . silly is just how I likes mah Jane! :dance:
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Oh shit. Here comes a wave a childhood memories.

Dude, I loved this show. Too bad it's so hard to find these days.
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It's gonna be a bit less hard starting May 11th since the entire series is coming out in a DVD box set with tons of extra goodies! :D
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Ahh this was such a good show, 'course I guess
being spawned from the mighty Beavis & Butt-head
it HAD to be good! Hilarious pic, man. ACCURACY!
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No prob, and check what I just uploaded! [link]
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I love me some Daria.
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I love me some Jane, so I guess we don't have to worry about competition! ;)

Many thanks for the fave!
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Hehe, good, good.

You're quite welcome, sir.
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cool! i'd forgotten about daria. it was probably the only show MTv did i liked.
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Forgotten Daria?! Shaaaaaame! Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame!!!
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