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By jimnorth
Okay, last Jane thing I'm gonna draw for a little bit. It's time to move on to some of the other Daria characters!
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you're right it shouldn't have to make sense to be enjoyed.
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lol love the quote!
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Hah, many thanks. :D
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.... now I have the urge to dismantle a drawing dummy to recreate that sculpture thingy to go with my yet-to-be-completed Jane cosplay, lol
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If I do I'll upload a photo for you, though what's supposed to be on the head?
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That would be awesome.

And those would be googly eyes! :D
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I love this one. it really does look like something Jane would do and say. :D
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Glad ya like it! :D
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Faving because I've had to deal with so many art history people who actually say this. That and, "You have to have a lot of skill and training to make something this awful!" (I wish that weren't a direct quote from a professor.)

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Heh, thanks for the fave, man. And personally, the way I've always heard it was the more pedestrian "You gotta learn to do it right before you can do it wrong". ;)
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That's just gorgeous. Resplendently surreal, like Jane herself. About time she had a true smirk. And I'm sure Daria has already spun an origin story for this fellow!

Since when did Jane borrow the implicit motto of deviantART? {g}
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Considering the various oddball sculptures and paintings she made during the series, I'm not entirely certain the borrowing didn't happen the other way around. ;)

Thanks for the good words!
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