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Daria: Hunter Logo

By jimnorth
A logo I made for my fanfic series.
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© 2009 - 2021 jimnorth
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cool! its simple and clean the way good logos should be. i like the subtle drop shadow. does she make sarcastic remarks as she kicks ass? and does she kick bevis and buttheads ass?
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Many thanks!

She does indeed make sarcastic remarks as she kicks ass, otherwise she wouldn't be Daria, neh? ;)

I've considered putting Beavis and Butthead in the series, but it's not something I've been thinking too seriously about. However, I've recently opened the series up to other fanfic authors to write stories for it, so who knows what they might come up for the undynamic duo? :lol:
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A most awesome Daria ident indeed :clap:, a nice hint of Sherlock Holmes'ism about it :ohnoes: ;p :XD:
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LiquidDookie05's avatar
OMGZorz he spoke'ed to me, he lives! :ohnoes: :P I can see many great things for Daria being a most admirable muse to this newly found direction you be taking with her :kiss:

One really does wish peepz would stop saying "heh" and interweb vocabulary insignificant within common speech :confused: :-(