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Albino Quinn

By jimnorth
Quinn from Daria as an albino, based on In Silence Sarcastic, a fan fic in progress on a message board I now frequent.
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Wow that's rough. That's the story where Daria can't talk right?
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Yup, that's the one! In Silence Sarcastic
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It was pretty good, especially when Daria was getting physical since she can't talk.
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"Which is my best side?"
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thats pretty cool, so is she still a bitch or did she lose that along with her pigment?
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From what the author has said and what little has been shown in the story so far, she's not quite as bad as in the show. She talks briefly with Daria about how she favors Stacy over the other two members of the Fashion Club, for instance.

And thanks for tha fave!
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your welcome. quinn was kind of cute, i have bad taste in women. not as hot a jane though.
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OH NOES! Jimnorth is up to his oooooooold tricks again! I cower at thee! :ohnoes: :devilish: :police: :blowkiss:
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