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Welp, looks like I haven't done anything since the holiday greetings - 2019 (well, other than Aki-chan's Life  on my page, of course ;) ) But here's finally something new that I worked on and off for some time now.

So a while ago, I stumbled upon this in a sub-section on the
T2t TV Tropes page: "Teri and Aki have met in some side of The Multiverse". And made me think, why not do a (very much non-canon, so don't grind your theory gears too hard ;) ) pic of that? And while we're at it, why limit it to those two? So I added two more Asuka/Shinji kids that also were influential (at least to me), also giving me the possibility to, well, at least try myself on other styles.

I was also thinking of mixing the coloring styles, like Teri being cell-shaded, the others in their respective styles. But I don't think my coloring is up to a task like that without looking just too off, so it's samey on all in that regard.

Background might be a bit iffy - I'm far from a professional level anyway, but my landscape game is certainly still rather weak, and I feel it might cheapen the whole thing to the extend that I was tempted to throw it out entirely and just replace it with something simple. But I kinda liked the idea of them having a bit of a play date out in some park. Not sure if it fits anywhere in "Avalon" as put in that TV Tropes page though - sorry, Stryp, still haven't gotten around to properly read ACoS. ;P

So for those not aware, from left to right, we have:

Teri Ikari, from "The Child of Love" by Axel Terizaki:

Given that the artwork used for her in the fic (that I'm aware of) re-used art of young Asuka (as such, she also kinda works here as stand-in for all the other clone-kids ;P), it seemed easy enough at first... until I go to the coloring.
Well, for the hair, it was actually a good thing that Anime Asuka already has somewhat darker hair than otherwise often depicted, so color-picking that at least gave some variation. The outfit though... personally, I always had her dress in mind as dark green, but I don't remember where I got that from. The series at least always has young Asuka in grayscale, so no color. Then I finally got to EoE that has a short scene with her, in a red (duh?) dress, but it's hard to tell if it's even supposed to be the same one (she's actually quite off-model in that bit).
And then there's the beads for her hair - sometimes they seem lighter than it, sometimes darker. I also figured they'd be red (duh?), but then we get to the artwork used by CoL, that has them as bright as the ribbon. Speaking of, I also thought the ribbon to be red (duh?), but aside from that making her a bit too Christmas themed in my imaginary original green color scheme, the series also has it clearly quite bright, if not white, so I was clearly wrong in that regard (though in the series it's also sometimes there, sometimes not (and most of the time not visible, since she's often clutching her stuffed monkey)).
Then I did what I should probably have done first and re-checked the fic itself if there was some description. And the only thing I saw was a "dark blue dress with a white ribbon around the collar". Granted, that might have been supposed to be a nightdress, since that scene is early in the morning. But even if it wasn't and it doesn't match actual young Asuka's dress - well, in the end, she's not supposed to be young Asuka, so I went with that.

"God" (or "Kami-chan", as I prefer =P) from "RE-TAKE" by Studio Kimigabuchi:

She looked a bit older than the rest to me, so I guess she'd be the big sis of the group? I originally had her in a more haughty pose, flipping her hair back – but checking again, that didn't really seem to fit her character as depicted.
I guess she also kinda covers some other section of clone-kids? She's actually modeled after the Manga variant of young Asuka, but I guess due to not being quite as familiar with that, combined with Kimigabuchi's distinct, more "pointy" art style, it wasn't quite as noticeable (to me at least ^^;).
I guess the color scheme was technically a similar issue as with Teri (it's all b/w as well, after all, and I don't recall seeing any "official" coloring for her) - but not as many sources tugging in different directions, so I just went with what seemed most obvious to me (I just swayed a bit whether her ribbon would be black or dark red).

Aki Ikari from "The 2nd try/Aki-chan's Life" by... me ;P:

Well, colors certainly weren't a problem here (other than I can seemingly never decide on the saturation) and not much new to say design-wise. XD
Though I guess for those who see this as the first pic of mine and don't know of her: I purposely wanted to swim a bit against the clone trend, so I mixed a bit more of Shinji's traits in, making her hair not only closer to his color, but having it be a bit more messy like his as well. She also has a preference for oversized clothes (and even if not visible, going barefoot), but going into details there would be spoilers. ;)
I was a bit concerned that her overlapping pose could be seen as me pushing my own creation too much to the front, but let's face it, she's a energetic one, she'd definitely do some wild waving like this. And I didn't want to push them too far apart either (also, I admittedly didn't mind not having to draw Kami-chan's hands in too much detail ;P).

Mai Ikari from "Happy End of Evangelion" by Pengel:

A bit of an odd one out, her being more of a red-haired Rei with (sometimes) visible ears. =P The one instance we see her colored on the book's cover even has her with red eyes (at least to my color-impaired eyes) - but so does Shinji, so I guess the intent was for it to be Manga-Shinji's brown.
Originally, I wanted to go with a cute (^▽^) face for her that she sported a few times - but I kinda wanted to show her vastly differently styled eyes for the extra variation. =P
So a more timid smile it was, which should still fit, I think. After all, personality-wise - well, she's not quite "Rei-ish" in that regard, but she's definitely the most quiet-type of the bunch, barely speaking at all in the (unfortunately only two) chapters we see her in (I think there's only a "Mama").
She might also be the least known, at least she seems the least mentioned of these four. But as said, Pengel's works were also somewhat influential to me (even if it was mostly untranslated at the time), enough that I even had a scene of Aki seeking Shinji to hide from her mother in T2t as homage to Mai's first entrance in her book.

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GealicEvaPilot's avatar

Really super cool. I've wondered how Aki and Kami-chan meeting would go since I discovered your work. It's super neat to see them together like this.

There's another great fanfiction of Evangelion out there called: After Impact!

If you know it or ever get the chance to read it all in understanding the overall story in your mind through imagination... can I ask you a personal favour in making a special picture in both blank and colour from it in a certain scene as a request, pretty please??? ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

If you accept, please respond = I'll comment on the request afterwards of what it is as a great photo like picture from the fanfic. ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜‰

JimmyWolk's avatar

I'm fairly sure I've read that quite some time ago, but I certainly wouldn't remember the details.

Regarding requests though; it honors me that you'd want me to do it, but I'll be honest with you: While I'm always open for ideas (so feel free to post it, if you want to), I don't really do requests (or commissions, for that matter). As you can see, I'm not exactly producing all that many pictures as is, which is not due to a lack of ideas, but simply due to lack of time I get to draw anything other than AcL (and even that takes about two weeks for a single page). On this one, I worked on and off for several months for example.

So again, feel free to post your idea if you want to, but unless it's something I really, really want to do myself enough to push my own ideas down the list for it, I probably won't get to it anytime soon and quite honestly, more likely never.

Sorry if I have to disappoint. ^^;

It's ok... but if you do get back into it eventfully and are able to do it, it would be a great new addon addition to your set for all of us Eva fans to really enjoy from the fanfictions, and my eternal gratitude... Even if it takes you weeks, months or a year to complete.

Here it is in details:

For over 10 years now, I've had this imagination in my head with the ending of After Impact... where Shinji leaves his family for a while in the final chapter to go back to his old home in the countryside valley = where Asuka and him first started up their new lives together, where they got married and had their first child of the family born there.

It would be a picture based on the final scene from the fanfic like it was taken as a photo of the family's reunion holding each other all together in embrace = chapter 116 onwards = it's short.

AFTER IMPACT Chapter 10: CONCLUSIONChapaters 115 thru 116, an evangelion fanfic | FanFiction

Evangelion After impact Scene

This final part should give you an idea in background details of what I envisioned all those years ago from simply reading it, but long story short: I would like you to do a picture that is like a photo in perfect description of the New Ikari family reunited at their countryside valley home together, to the best of your abilities please.

Regardless if it was blank drawn or in colour: either way is ok.

Asuka being embraced by Shinji in his arms while they share a long eye closed kiss together + Hope Ikari hugging them both by their legs in their heart-warming reunion with her having a happy smile with closed eyes too in tears of over joy = her being almost 6 years old, Souke = still a young baby toddler in his mother's arms... but awake... similar to Shinji's looks in design.

With the wooden fence to the right side of Shinji, next to the dirt path + a forest further to the end of the right with slightly visible large mountains, a grass valley ground with spring sky weather around them and the one-story house at the back of them with another mountain in the background behind it from a distance too.

The only thing left I can describe is that Hope Ikari should be similar in design to the other daughter/God from Evangelion Re-Take as a template... since I think she's the best description of her being almost exactly like her mother, but with a little bit of Shinji in her face and with her mother's beautiful strong blue eyes and fiery orange red hair.

That's all I can give for now... if you would like more information about it: just ask me back, or check out the After Impact fanfic for more details across the whole story.

Again: Thanks for replying! ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘‹

JimmyWolk's avatar

Well, I do like me some family pictures. ^^

But still, not promising anything. ;)

MygoodGovernor's avatar

I like them all though I find the 4th one to the far right too rei-looking.

JimmyWolk's avatar

That's probably Yui's genes coming through. :D

This is fantastic. It's like seeing a little museum of some of the greatest Eva fanwork of all time, all at once.

JimmyWolk's avatar

Not sure if I would count myself museum worthy (yet ;P), but thanks a lot.

KingXanaduu's avatar

Ah, it's so good to see the children of Asuka and Shinji come together in such a cute pic. I remember reading ALL those fics and doujinshi. They were all such a joy and heart-warming experience to read, especially yours Jimmy. Thanks for this. :)

JimmyWolk's avatar

Thanks, always happy to please (especially when it's by doing something I like to do anyway ;P )

Animefanb123's avatar

This is such a treasure Jimmy.

Love seeing each of Shinji and Asukaโ€™s daughter from different Eva works/timelines. Goes to show how much a influence the series has had on people to create their own characters.

I remember reading the Child of Love fanfic many years ago, which actually put me on/soilfied my Shinji and Asuka ship, which lead me to finding more of the same pairing stories and what ultimately got me to finding your work, The 2nd Try.

JimmyWolk's avatar

Yeah, CoL was also one of my firsts. :)

Vajrei's avatar

I remember these stories as well. This is very good.

MygoodGovernor's avatar

Love this picture! it cheers me up after the horror of yesterday.

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