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[T2t illustration] Family by JimmyWolk [T2t illustration] Family :iconjimmywolk:JimmyWolk 7 11 [AcL] Chapter 5 cover by JimmyWolk [AcL] Chapter 5 cover :iconjimmywolk:JimmyWolk 2 0 [AcL] Delay by JimmyWolk [AcL] Delay :iconjimmywolk:JimmyWolk 0 0 [AcL] Visit to the fair 7 by JimmyWolk [AcL] Visit to the fair 7 :iconjimmywolk:JimmyWolk 1 0 [AcL] Visit to the fair 6 by JimmyWolk [AcL] Visit to the fair 6 :iconjimmywolk:JimmyWolk 1 2 [AcL] Visit to the fair 5 by JimmyWolk [AcL] Visit to the fair 5 :iconjimmywolk:JimmyWolk 1 0 [AcL] Visit to the fair 4 by JimmyWolk [AcL] Visit to the fair 4 :iconjimmywolk:JimmyWolk 1 0 [AcL] Visit to the fair 3 by JimmyWolk [AcL] Visit to the fair 3 :iconjimmywolk:JimmyWolk 2 3 [AcL] Visit to the fair 2 by JimmyWolk [AcL] Visit to the fair 2 :iconjimmywolk:JimmyWolk 1 0 [AcL] Visit to the fair 1 by JimmyWolk [AcL] Visit to the fair 1 :iconjimmywolk:JimmyWolk 2 0 Christmas15 by JimmyWolk Christmas15 :iconjimmywolk:JimmyWolk 3 0 10th Anniversary - Caught! by JimmyWolk 10th Anniversary - Caught! :iconjimmywolk:JimmyWolk 2 0 Pirate by JimmyWolk Pirate :iconjimmywolk:JimmyWolk 3 5 [AcL] Chapter 4 cover by JimmyWolk [AcL] Chapter 4 cover :iconjimmywolk:JimmyWolk 3 0 Christmas '12 - Waiting by JimmyWolk Christmas '12 - Waiting :iconjimmywolk:JimmyWolk 2 0 Christmas '11 by JimmyWolk Christmas '11 :iconjimmywolk:JimmyWolk 1 0


Children's Children by sabo-p Children's Children :iconsabo-p:sabo-p 64 7 Asuka and Shinji by sabo-p Asuka and Shinji :iconsabo-p:sabo-p 184 18 The Ikaris again by sabo-p The Ikaris again :iconsabo-p:sabo-p 116 13 The Ikaris by sabo-p The Ikaris :iconsabo-p:sabo-p 207 36 Aki-chan (older) by GealicEvaPilot Aki-chan (older) :icongealicevapilot:GealicEvaPilot 2 0 Aki-chan! aka Aki Soryu Ikari by GealicEvaPilot Aki-chan! aka Aki Soryu Ikari :icongealicevapilot:GealicEvaPilot 2 2 Say Cheese! by ElSqiubbonator Say Cheese! :iconelsqiubbonator:ElSqiubbonator 7 8


Well then, since I've been meaning to spread out a bit more and to get a bit more active again in general (let's hope work isn't going to get entirely in the way again), I finally signed up here.
For those who stumble upon this and don't know me, as I've put in the Bio:
I've started writing some Evangelion fanfics in 2003 (yes, I'm old), with the standout being "The 2nd try" (, my site (partially illustrated)) a mix of a "Peggy Sue"- and "post End of Eva survival"-story with quite a bit of WAFF - but (actually due to that) also quite a bit of tragedy. And yeah, if you really didn't know it before, you probably got yourself spoiled quite a bit if you saw some of the pics I'm going to put up. ^^;
Anyway, shortly after starting to write, I also started to dip into doing some fanart. Pretty rough at first, since I only did my own cartoony stuff before, but I quickly got a little better at Manga style (whether I ever got good is up to the beholder :P). Looking back, I guess I never actually did that many individual pics, a couple of "character studies", some T2t illustrations or inspired pics and a handful random ones. But after T2t ended, I started a little follow-up comic (deep, deep spoiler territory though, so we'll just abbreviate it as "AcL" here).

In the last decade or so (pretty much when I started to work :/) things ceased quite a bit though. Barely writing and drawing individual pics at all, and even AcL only recently started up again after a three year hiatus that was only interrupted by a small "interlude" and a few bonus pics (and even before that had several long breaks).
Recently had a bit of a blast-from-the-past that made me re-read T2t in full myself for the first time in ages, I noticed that the illustrations I've done for that weren't exactly evenly spread over the chapters, in fact many having none at all. And I felt like wanting to rectify that. And while my mind was going there, I also got quite a couple of other ideas for pics in the T2t-verse.
So for now, I will start uploading my old stuff (while going through it, I also noticed some I didn't even recall and certainly hadn't posted somewhere yet, so there might be some "new old stuff" too), and hopefully get some new ones done before that spark of creativity flickers out again.

(Not quite sure yet if I'll also put AcL up here. Always found reading comics on here a bit of a hassle, with apparently the artists having to do "next"/"previous" links in the descriptions? Will see...)


[T2t illustration] Family
Well then, first actual new pic to post here. So first up, as it had the highest votes (by two), an illustration for the very last T2t scene of Gendo getting a glimpse of the reunited family (spoilers I guess?).
Took me quite a bit longer than intended, had to redo things several times. Once due to technical issues; then while I liked how it looked (and would have still been natural), I felt Asuka stood too far away for a "family picture", so I nudged her closer twice before redrawing her entirely; and the background was initially much more complicated that it ended up looking like (even more) crap (than what we have).
Guess I really need to step my game up for some of the ideas I had recently...

Oh yeah, also, I guess since Gendo probably didn't have his glasses on, this one is probably a bit more realistic:… ;)
[T2t illust] Family (Gendo-Vision)
A probably more "realistic" version of… :P
(Granted, we don't really know how bad/in what way his vision is bad, but I just "had" to ;) )
[AcL] Delay
Another little apology pic in late 2017, when the Chapter 5 was still nowhere to be seen.
[AcL] Visit to the fair 7
While I'm still not sure whether to put up the entire thing, I guess I can make an exception for this little "Interlude" chapter I put out as Christmas present/apology for no real chapter in 2016, given that it's rather short and textless, so it doesn't matter as much for the most part if the pages out of order. "Reading" is from right to left.

Ending on New Year's Eve that year, it had to have fireworks. ;)


JimmyWolk's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Evangelion fanfic author and artist since 2003. Mostly centered around my main fic "The 2nd try", so if you don't know that, you might want to check that out first to get the full picture, so to speak. Though I guess you probably already got a certain little (and potentially major) spoiler from glancing at my gallery in that case. ;)
Haven't been very active for years outside the follow-up comic to T2t (which too had years of hiatus in between), but hoping to rectify that (if work and drive allow).


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Weldit Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2019
Huuuuuhhhhhh, JIMMY!

Mah boi
JimmyWolk Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2019  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thaaaat's ME!

I guess...?
Sorry, can't quite remember your username (old man here, after all), so apologies if I should. ^^;

But thanks for dropping by, either way. ^^
Weldit Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2019
I usually go by a different name.

Suffice to say, I'm the author of All Over Again, I asked you if I could use Aki as a character in it.
JimmyWolk Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2019  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, hi. That I remember. Came across it rather recently, actually, since I've been compiling a "Fan-Fanworks" page for my site. ^^
Guess that is still on hiatus though?
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GrummanCat Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2019
Hi Jimmy I'm glad to see you here (finally!)!

Seeing you pop up might give me the impetus to finally get my own work back on track.
JimmyWolk Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2019  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Though I think you've been way more productive than me over the years, so I certainly can't fault you there. But I'm sure "more" is always appreciated. ;)
Animefanb123 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2019
Nice to see you on here Jimmy.

It’s me B123, been following your good work since the near end of you finishing 2nd Try and have been there in the beginning of Aki-Chans Life.

So I’ll gladly continue to follow you from here also and hope to see even more of your art here also.
JimmyWolk Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2019  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, and thanks again!
It's always great to see your comments, especially since you're one of, if not the longest-running commentator I have. ^^
Hope I'll still be able to please in the long run. :)
GealicEvaPilot Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's an honor to follow you here on D/A Aki-chan's life was of of my favourite comics in high school. 
JimmyWolk Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2019  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks. Still trying to find my way around here, I guess. ^^
Also hope you still like AcL enough these days as well, given that it recently started up again. ;)
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