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Evangelion fanfic author and artist since 2003. Mostly centered around my main fic "The 2nd try", so if you don't know that, you might want to check that out first to get the full picture, so to speak. Though I guess you probably already got a certain little (and potentially major) spoiler from glancing at my gallery in that case. ;)
Haven't been very active for years outside the follow-up comic to T2t (which too had years of hiatus in between), but hoping to rectify that (if work and drive allow).

Alright then...

Alright then...

Well then, since I've been meaning to spread out a bit more and to get a bit more active again in general (let's hope work isn't going to get entirely in the way again), I finally signed up here. For those who stumble upon this and don't know me, as I've put in the Bio: I've started writing some Evangelion fanfics in 2003 (yes, I'm old), with the standout being "The 2nd try" (FF.net, my site (partially illustrated)) a mix of a "Peggy Sue"- and "post End of Eva survival"-story with quite a bit of WAFF - but (actually due to that) also quite a bit of tragedy. And yeah, if you really didn't know it before, you probably got yourself spoiled qui

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Hey Jimmy.

Haven’t heard from you in awhile on here or your website, so just checking in. Hope your doing ok during these tough times.
JimmyWolkHobbyist Digital Artist
sorry if I worried anyone, I just didn't log in here for a while, since I didn't have and didn't expect much new. ^^;
I'm fine though, healthy (well, I got sick in February for a bit, but quite unlikely that it was Covid) and my job's fortunately allowing me to work from home without much hassle aside from not having my team mates around.

As for updates on the page, well, I just made one yesterday, which is actually also why I even logged in: To see if I can add a Twitter account here to the profile (apparently not?), as I created one (jimmy_wolk) for (mainly) AcL status updates. If someone wants to avoid the trip though: I plan (or at least hope) to restart later this month! :)
Nice to see your ok Jimmy.

Didn’t know you had a Twitter account but I’m now a follower you.

While you were away I thought of an idea for another possible future one-shot for 2nd Try for you, if your ever interested in doing one again.

The idea centres around Aki, who is now 14/15 years old and a OC male classmates who are assigned together on a class project. However Aki, who is at that age now asks her male classmate if he’s ever kissed anyone before.

As you can tell it’s mirroring the kiss between Shinji and Asuka but it’s more sweet and lighthearted with a dash of comedy as the two teenagers are interrupted when the rest of the Ikari family come home and witness what they have been up too. Plus a added bonus is that the poor boy will be interrogated by a overprotective Asuka.

What do you think Jimmy?
JimmyWolkHobbyist Digital Artist
Sounds cute, but I wouldn't expect such a fic for quite a while (from me at least ;P). Workload aside, I would like to keep the introduction of teenage Aki for the AcL epilogue, otherwise I feel it'd take away from that. And, well, given the pace we're going on, I guess we're not going to see that epilogue anytime soon... XD
Happy Birthday Jimmy!
JimmyWolkHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks as well! :)
Happy birthday.