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The Resistance by JimmyTheNerd The Resistance by JimmyTheNerd
It was on the day known as August the 31st when the probes attacked the entire world & wiped out every last law enforcement & world leader. Since then, a mysterious figure hidden in the shadows has kept a close eye on everything. The only thing that stands in his way is a team of freedom fighters who want the world back to normal. They are:
Geri Bailey (aka Mr 700), the no-nonsense leader with excellent samurai skills & a heart that shows it's loyalty all the time.
Mindy Staples (aka High Voltage), the shy 14 year old girl with no future ahead & an unwanted assortment of electricity powers.
Jeffrey Palmer (aka Smackintosh), the rough & tough super strong fighter with a heart of gold.
Janet Palmer (aka Whammy Smith), the wisecracking yet caring tomboy who's amazing with a glowing bostaff.
Michael Goodfella (aka Magmike), the pyrokinetic boy with a bad family reputation that's not going to get over his head.
Will these five individuals take down the hidden doom & reclaim Nether Valley & the world?

This has to be the darkest idea that I've ever come up with. Not only am I creating my own super team & have put them in an apocalyptic situation, I've also given them dark backstories & a hell-of-a-lot-of-tragedy. Hopefully there's still a chance to lighten the mood a bit by adding a subtle sense of humour. This is the kind of idea that's likely to work as a comic book series but it's gonna take a lot of brainstorming to gel the present with the past.
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July 18, 2016
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