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The Next James Bond Movie by JimmyTheNerd The Next James Bond Movie by JimmyTheNerd
Here's an inside scoop as to why I made this drawing:
I stumbled upon a news article extract on IMDB that caught my attention. Even though The BFG (a film I love by the way) bombed, it seems that Disney are not done with the classic novels by Roald Dahl just yet. Their next adaptation is.........James & The Giant Peach..........what. Don't get me wrong, I think the book is wonderful & I already know that there was an adaptation in 1996 (that I love by the way) but Disney themselves were responsible for that movie. Why couldn't they adapt another book that hasn't got the big screen treatment like Danny The Champion Of The World & The Mimpins. If film executives were going to green light a re-adaptation, I would've been more supportive to The Witches because we could get a more faithful ending.

But the one detail that surprised me the most is the revelation that 007 director Sam Mendes will direct the film. I don't hate the guy but I could not resist the joke I decided to unveil here.

If you wanna know what I think of James Bond, I don't care for the franchise. I haven't seen a lot of the films but I am annoyed that this franchise keeps continuing & nobody's complaining. It doesn't help help that I don't think James Bond himself is an interesting character. He just seems to be the generic gun toting spy but I'm more bothered by how much of a womaniser he is. It's definitely up to the point where I get annoyed by the shadowed & shilouetted naked women in the trippy intros. The only Bond films I've seen are Skyfall & Spectre & that's because I was taken against my will. I thought Skyfall was boring & Spectre was the same except it made me lose respect for the lead protaginist, witness tentacle porn & got me enjoying  a Dias Delos Muertos segment. I would only want another Bond movie just so they'll hire Sia to perform a theme song. Let's just say that Finding Dory convinced me that she's perfect for 007 soundtracks.
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September 21, 2016
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