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Fire and Ice (Chapter)
The queen of Soluna sat in her tower. She very much liked towers. They were distinctive, ominous, and always gave the right impression to any passing noble who thought he might like to kill a witch that day. The original castle had one turret, and she'd quickly fixed that.
Nedra did very little queening these days, since most of the population had died off by now, and exploring the castle proper had been fine in the early days. Now she preferred the spaces she'd created for herself. There wasn't much for a witch-turned-queen to do. Kyanos and Cucurbita had long since decided it was easier to wait for her to die off than to try and conquer the land, and her books had lost interest. A hundred years ago she was constantly striving to grow her power, but these days she was tired. She still looked as young as she had back then, but she'd allowed herself to grow matronly. she kept her high collar and dark makeup, but there were no more plunging necklines or spike-heeled boots for her. She'd
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Conversations Two by JimmytheGothicEgg Conversations Two :iconjimmythegothicegg:JimmytheGothicEgg 1 0


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Make it Glow: A Photoshop Tutorial
This is also a rebloggable Tumblr Post!
A lot of people were asking me how I did the glowing/neon light effects on my last drawing.  It's actually extremely easy, and it looks great with shapes or text.
The key to this effect is contrast. Your background and overall image must be pretty dark for it to be effective.  You know how you can't see a flashlight in broad daylight? The same applies here.
Step one, make a new document, and invert the default black background (command + i) or manually fill it with black. Then make A NEW LAYER. This is the layer containing the colors you want to glow.
Now duplicate the layer you just made with the colors. Set the layer style to "screen." Screen applies the layer to make everything below it lighter. (It's the opposite of the "Multiply" setting.)
Now apply a "Gaussian Blur" f
:iconyamino:Yamino 171 17
Rockabilly Joker by CoranKizerStone Rockabilly Joker :iconcorankizerstone:CoranKizerStone 1,830 53



With the completion of a story I've been working on, I've decided to focus 100% on my writing. I probably won't update this account too often, but I follow a lot of artists on it so it won't be going away. If you want to continue to follow me, look here:

Writing Blog


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Ellen Egg
United States
I'm a radical feminist who happens to be a lesbian. I can create a new story a week but that doesn't mean I finish any of them.


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