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My Bio
Just because I'm new-ish, doesn't give anyone here the right to make fun of me or my work... Just cuz I don't meet some people's standards doesn't mean that, either. I'm serious.

As you can tell by my username, I'm a HUGE JN fan, my fave character being, of course, Jimmy himself. <3 My fave pairing is J/C, big time!!!

Another thing I've recently gotten a huge interest in is Pokemon, Seasons 1-10 thus far; it's pretty doggone epic!!! :la:

When I get the chance, I'll use Photoshop to make a new banner or avatar, and same goes for my drawings. When I have access to a working scanner, I'll post them, too.

I look forward to being a fellow deviant with all of you! :)

Oh, and I've seen lots of trashy art related to KP... Please, :iconthekimpossiblegroup:, STOP TRASHING KIM POSSIBLE!!!! Just cuz she's a teen in high school does NOT mean she's a slut!! Gosh, you've NO idea how much that gets on my nerves, when my fave TV show characters get trashed like that!! She and all other characters on the show are completely innocent; stop turning a child's cartoon into TRASH!!! :bleh: :angered:

And for the LAST time, :iconjennylovers: , JENNY IS NOT A SLUT!!! Get that through your thick skulls!! You're turning an innocent child's show into something raunchy! CUT THAT OUT!!! :angered: :explosion:

Recently got into this fandom!! :squee:

Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
anything mild sci-fi, Disney Pixar, classic Disney, etc...
Favourite TV Shows
JIMMY NEUTRON!!!!! Also Rocket Power is a huge deal for me, as is Totally Spies! I love PPGs a lot, too, as well as Dexter's Lab! Kim Possible & Phineas & Ferb, too! I also love Johnny Test, traditional Monster High, and MLP: Equestria Girls! :D
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Beach Boys, Jo Bros(their early work), nearly ANY xmas music, techno &/or Japanese(Tsukui Kazuhito, Yoko Kanno, Kyarypamyupamyu, the Pillows, Minato, Hatsune Miku, etc...); I'm partial to ragtimes(like those by Joplin) & classical music, too ^_^
Favourite Books
theoretical/particle physics, how-to-draw manga, astronomy, etc... I also love Dengeki Daisy! <3 Equestria Girls, too! :D
Favourite Writers
Michio Kaku and similar authors; Kyousuke Motomi
Favourite Games
Bomberman Hero, Pokemon Yellow/Crystal, DK 64, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Mario Party 2, Minecraft
Favourite Gaming Platform
N64, GameBoy Advance SP, Xbox 360
Tools of the Trade
mainly pencil and paper, sometimes colored pencils, and occasionally Photoshop/GIMP
Other Interests
If any of y'all want to give a shot at illustrating a character of mine, I'll turn it into a contest. Those interested can submit their illustrations based on the description I provide, and I'll check each one out and scrutinize it for quality, atten...
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Which kids cartoon character, in your opinion, is the coolest genius? ^_^

7 votes
Jimmy Neutron :woohoo: Atom icon
Dexter(Dexter's Lab) :pc:
Wade Load(Kim Possible) :mobile:
Sandy Cheeks(SpongeBob) Spongebob Squarepants | Sandy Emoticon
Phoebe Heyerdahl(Hey Arnold!) Book Adventuring
Professor Utonium(orig. Powerpuff Girls) :chemistry:
Ghoulia Yelps(orig. Monster High) :zombie: :lightbulb:
Sci-Twi(Equestria Girls) Sci-Twi Blushing Emoticon.
Professor Oak(Pokemon) Prof Oak Pokemon
Velma Dinkley(orig. Scooby Doo) :csi:
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Decided that I'm taking requests, totally free, no points or money required! What I will do for a request: :bulletpurple: Mild action with a small to moderate amount of bloodshed(i.e. a scratch/laceration, punctured bruise, a puncture wound or bite mark, bloody nose, etc...) :bulletpurple: Low profanity(any other words, but NOT f*** or b****) :bulletpurple: Fantasy creatures(may or may not need a reference pic to do some ) :bulletpurple: Humanoid characters/humans in slightly showy/hot outfits :bulletpurple: Any kind of animals in a family-friendly scenario(like I said, may or may not need a reference; ask and I'll let you know) :bulletpurple: Mild to moderate hetero/homo art :bulletpurple: IC scenarios, but some OOC is fine, too :bulletpurple: Scenes that display common sense, but I'm still open to other stuff, too :bulletpurple: Support of my faith(Christianity) What I won't do for a request: :bulletred: Extreme gore/excessive violence :bulletred: Excessive
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Hello. I see that you're a fan of H2O: Mermaid Adventures just like me, so I wanna share this with you. I found a site (Changeorg) where you can sign a petition to continue the series with a season 3. If you could please take a look at it, sign it and share it among your contacts and group it would be a great help, and who knows, maybe it will help make a difference. Here I give you the link: - p/h20-mermaid-aventures-renewal-for-season-3?source_location=psf_petitions

This message is for jimmyneutronfreak1.

There was a Season 3 made; they introduced a (then)new character named Bella who could turn water into a gelatinous substance as a replacement for the character Emma who'd left after Season 2 ended... :D :nod:

Hum, I was meaning the animated series of Netflix.

Oh, sorry... ^^; I'm not familiar with that one... :shrug:

Hi there, thanks for the fav on my Jimmy Neutron 20th Anniversary drawing.

I must say, I really like your Jimmy Neutron art. :D

Why, thank you very much! :D I plan to upload some more before too long! :highfive: Your art is pretty cool, too! :la:

drawing request please