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I don't know what to think of the eyepet2010 situation.
He's admitted to tracing and splicing some free art and requests, but he claims that commissions are all his own doing. Unfortunately, he hasn't done anything to actually prove this from what I've seen.
I like his art, and I hope he at LEAST starts giving proper credit if he doesn't stop tracing entirely, but he honestly seems to be handling the situation quite badly (blocking people who call him out, hiding negative comments, etc)
I know I've said this before, but I'm continually surprised by how toxic and dramatic this community can be at times.
At least one more member of the community has deleted their own account, and I'm willing to bet several more were banned.
There's something super hot about girls holding their noses while farting on someone else's face IMO...
A picture should have to be reported by at least 2 people (maybe even more if the account has a lot of followers) before DeviantArt tries to take it down.
Oh boy, yet another website is banning fetish artists.
Not only that, but apparently Tumblr is also hiding posts with links so that the artists can’t even promote their accounts on other websites.
YouTube and DeviantArt need to be more specific about the reasons people get banned.
2 YouTube channels were terminated the day after I subscribed to them...
Well, one of the people who've been reporting random fetish artists has confessed. The only problem is that they apparently have no regrets and don't plan to stop.
Seems the staff has completely forgotten that fetish art is allowed on this website.
Another day, another two people randomly banned for no apparent reason.
All these websites who take down non-explicit content just because it's a fetish, or even take down sexual content while ignoring violent content need to get their priorities straight.
So according to a certain user on DeviantArt, if a picture isn't "important", it should be taken down.
I've never understood why so many people delete their own accounts when they get bored of a website.
Just realized that Tacko Marceno's YT account got terminated.
Apparently animations of fully-clothed fictional characters farting are just too lewd for the internet to handle.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

I usually don't do these, but I guess it couldn't hurt.

Gassy women?: Yes
Gassy men?: Sure, as long as he isn't too masculine
Male dom/fem sub?: See above
Male dom/male sub?: See above
Fem dom/male sub?: Yes
Fem dom/fem sub?: Yes
Skunk boys/girls: Yes
Intentional farting?: Yes
Accidental farting?: Yes
Farting in public?: Yes
Farting in front of their crush?: Yes
Character getting embarrassed about farting?: Yes
Lactose intolerance?: Yes
Fart inflation?: No
Facefarting?: Yes
Farting during sex?: Meh
Farting on genitals?: Yes
Dirty talk/humiliation while farting?: Yes
Character getting turned on by farts?: Yes
Fart hotboxing?: God, yes
Stinkfacing?: Yes
Farting on consenting sub?: Yes
Farting on unconsenting sub?: Yes
Hyper farting?: Yes
Silent but deadly?: Yes
Loud and wet?: Yes
Burping after a huge meal?: No
Small burps?: Yes
Loud burps?: Yes
Character getting embarrassed about burping?: Yes
Getting your face burped in?: Yes
Burping while giving a hickey/making out?: Yes
Burping while giving oral?: No
Burping on consenting sub?: Yes
Burping on unconsenting sub?: Yes
Hyper burping?: No
Burp inflation?: No
Other “stink” stuff?: Depends, but if a bad smell was coming from an attractive woman (or man in some cases), I'd probably like it.
3 female characters/celebrities: Widowmaker (Overwatch), Midnight (BNHA), Yuta Teruta (Forceful)
3 male characters/celebrities: Bridget (Guilty Gear), Saika Totsuka (OreGairu), LOAD (Gatchaman Crowds)
Your other fetishes: Too many to list
Did you like this meme?: Yeah


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