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Retina Caffeine menubar icons

By JimmyGreen
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Angelo Cammalleri & I made Coca, an alternative app to Caffeine! It looks and functions way nicer on more recent macs, you can download it for free here: itunes.apple.com/nl/app/coca-k…

Quickly made some replacement icons for Caffeine. Retina macs only.
to install, go to your applications folder, right-click on Caffeine and click 'show package contents'. Put the png's in Contents -> Resources.

27-03-2014 UPDATE // the zip now includes non-retina icons.

24-06-2015 UPDATE // Icons for Yosemite's dark mode can only be activated by changing the code. Since Caffeine isn't open-source, I can't do that. If you want the feature, you could try emailing Lighthead Software (info@lightheadsw.com) asking for the feature.
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Hey I'm a Developer and I want to create an App with the same functionality as the original Caffein. (Caffein has not received updates in a long time and lightheadsw isn't answering eimails so we can safely assume this project is dead, and if not why wait for years?)

So I am looking to solve this in the next months then I finish my current project.

But who in the world would be better to design the graphics of the new caffein than you! So I want to ask, are you interested? 
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Hey, have you managed to write the app or not? I am very interested. Thank you.
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cool, thanks man, great job!
however, not sure if it is just me but the active/inactive icons are kinda confusing for me, can you please explain? when the leaf is bitten then it is active?
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If the Coca leaf is bitten your mac will stay awake. :)
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Definitely! Was thinking of writing the app myself, but I'd have to teach myself Objective-C (I know other object oriented programming languages). It's just too much beside my studies. Just doing the visuals would be great!
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I am also pretty unexperienced but so far I did a menubar app which essentially could be used as code foundation for an caffein rip off.
You can look at it here: github.com/ANGOmarcello/status…

It's not finished as of yet but what it does is giving a user interface for the terminal command "screencapture".
What I would have to do is take that code and rewrite it for the terminal command caffeinate (-t <ammount of seconds>) which provides caffein functionality. So that I strip a user interface around it with your pictures and we ship it.
I would even consider taking the retina caffein icons you allready did, unless you want to do something new.
In addition to that the whole thing would need a new name and a App Icon and non retina icons.

I want to work on that when my screenshot app is finished. Are you interested in helping me with that also?
Write me what you think about the github repo and how we should stay in contact. :) I think deviantart messageing might not be the best solution.
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Do you plan to update them to fit for the Dark Mode in Yosemite?
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I can't do that, it's not possible by replacing a file or renaming it. Lighthead Software has to enable that feature by changing the Caffeine code. That said, I wouldn't count on them doing so, I've emailed them a couple of times (not about this topic tho) and never got a reply. They seem pretty lazy. Too bad, it's a nice little app.
For more information on the yosemite dark mode icons see www.leebrimelow.com/prepping-i…. It's not that I couldn't activate it (I'm fairly okay with programming), it's just that the source-code for Caffeine isn't available.
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Thanks for the non retina version, otherwise it looks out of place when it is in an external monitor that doesn't support retina resolution
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Hi Jimmy,

Do you have resized replacements for the default versions as well? I have an external (non-retina) monitor and it's somewhat jarring that the old Caffeine icons are on the monitor but your great retina icons are on the laptop.

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The non-retina ones are a bit too blurry imo, but I don't have the time to redraw the original icon. I think these will do just fine tho.
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I was wondering when someone would ask. I'll find some time soon (maybe even tonight) and resize them. I'll let you know when they're uploaded!
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Nice work, love it! Merry Christmas from DK
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Many thanks! That fuzziness of the original icons was bothering me for quite some time.
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Using this now. Made a non-retina edition for myself :)
Love the icons. Best caffeine icon replacement!
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Perfect. Thank you kind sir.
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Very nice. Thank you.
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awesome! thanks! Best ones I've found!
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