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Millard Fillmore Bad President

Another entry in a series of caricatures of the Worst U.S. Presidents. For more biographical info and historically snarky commentary, trek over to me blog: [link]
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Don't quite agree with your view of Fillmore - although I seen where that view comes from, so it is understandable. But you are such a fan (anti-Semite though he was) of Mencken, you forgot to include the latter's "historical trivia" spoof that eventually drove the Sage of Baltimore up a wall. He concocted fake information about bathtubs and washing for a column once, and added that President Fillmore put the first bathtub into the White House in 1852, and it led to considerable public discussion at the time. Mencken chuckled when he wrote this spoof, and was even happier (initially) when people quoted it as true. He figured somebody would check into it and find out he lied. But to his consternation, the damned spoof kept reprinted and reprinted again and again as true facts. It was, in its small way, proof of what Joseph Goebbels (a man whom Mencken at one point approved of, along with Goebbels' boss Adolf) said, "Print a lie enough times and soon it becomes true!" Mencken got so sick of this he confessed i was a hoax. Nobody believed him. Only a decade or so ago a commercial offered a bar of soap as a come on (humorously) that had the face of Fillmore on it!
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Goddamn, your commentary on your blog is hilarious! Thanks for the cool caricature and info. I have an illustration assignment of a US Presidents and robots/technology, and I got handed Millard Fillmore - someone I know nothing about, which is cool. I like learning new things. Now I know, thanks!
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Glad to be of help - thanks again for your comments - hugely appreciated!