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Hello Everyone!!

First of all I have to say I feel like I'm back. So I must apologize to my old watchers out there who probably were wondering where I have been. (Yeah probably not but I like to think you all missed me. :D (Big Grin)  ) Well I have been lurking in the shadows and coming around once in a while faving you artwork every now and again. But it is sad to me that I haven't been drawing a lot in the past few years. But lately I feel like that is starting to change. I should listen to myself more often but for a couple of years, I have been depressed and just feeling sorry for myself. But once I started to draw again, the people around me, who are closest to me have noticed that I am feeling more happier as of late. More like my old self from a few years ago. I feel that is true to me. I do feel more happier and more alive since I decided to get back to doing some drawing. So here I am, writing this journal entry and stating that I am back, and hopefully here to stay.

To those of of my new watchers who recently started watching me since I have placed new artwork up, I thank you for watching me and I hope I won't be to disappointing to you. ;) (Wink) 

And now finally, I also have to advertise my new YouTube channel that I have recently created. You can find me by going to YouTube and searching Jimmy Draws Art  Be sure to like my videos there and please subscribe to the channel. I do plan on updating at least once a week with some kind of new content there. At this time of writing this journal, I have 4 videos up and ready to go for your viewing experience and I have one more still ready to edit and post on there. I hope to have that one done by the weekend. That is I hope my day job doesn't get in the way of me trying to update but we shall see.

Anyway, I just want to say thank you for reading this and I hope to post more art here in the next few days. I feel like I need to get going on something soon once again. :happybounce: 

So I've been thinking things through since my last posting about my artwork and how I am going to play through things. So right now, I will be taking a break. That much is for sure. As for other things, I have decided to actually cancel my website, well the hosting side of things. I still own my domain names and in fact I have renewed them for another 3 years. I am now pointing the name to my DeviantArt site. I am going to keep the Facebook page of Jimmy Dragon and the YouTube page right now. So right now I am keeping my social media stuff up and going because that is free to have and I really don't care about that stuff right now.

But yes, right now I am going to be taking a break from just drawing right now, at least until I get my grove back. I just have some things here at home that I also have to take care of that will better my mood that I am in as of late. Also I think I will get back to my computer and finally play some games again. I'm just going to unwind now and I will see you around again soon. =)

Hello everyone. Today I am coming to you from a different place in my life. A place I thought I would never be but today I am here. Where is this place you ask?

Well for a couple of years I have been in a place where I wanted to become a professional artist. I have been pretty much in this place for most of my life really. But the past couple of years, I have been trying to go this route. I have been trying different things and mostly the same things but with more effort.

Lately, I’m tired. I try to draw but lately it just feels like an effort to just sit in front of my drawing table and to draw something and to even think in that way of my artwork and what to draw for that day. I’m just tired and out of ideas these days. Just the other day it felt like a struggle to even do a simple three-panel comic. I wanted to color it but when I was getting to that part, I just couldn’t do it.

So lately I’ve been playing with this idea and I think it’s time to go through with it. I am done with trying to make it as a professional artist. Does this mean I am giving up in art? No way! I actually do love what I am doing. Art is a huge part in my life and I can never see myself throwing that away. I just don’t think I will ever be in a position where I can say I can make a living off of my own artwork.

I will be closing down all my actual website I have on the Internet and for now on, just post artwork for myself off my own Facebook page and this DA page. But for now I will be taking a break and just trying to reconnect with myself once again with my artwork, for myself.

I am not sure if this really is the right move but sitting here and thinking about this feels right to me. As I write this letter to everyone, I feel at peace with myself. I don’t feel stressed about making some kind of new drawing to post up because it’s been that long since I have posted something up. I really do feel at ease.

So what am I to do with my life since I have made this decision? I have always thought of going back to school and learn some kind of new field. Not sure what. I have always wanted to dabble in the field of IT maybe. Not sure. Not sure if I will do anything. Maybe I will continue to become an artist but maybe in a different way. Going back to school is something I want to do but so is being an artist. Deep down in my blood I am an artist. That will never change. Letting go of the “professional artist” side of my life is emotional for me right now.

I really hope you can understand. It might not make much sense to you right now but it sure does make a lot of sense to me. Once again, I am not giving up on art or being an artist but I am basically giving up on trying so hard to “make it” as an artist.

So I don't use this journal thing a lot as of late so I am going to start changing that right now. First off, I have a new Tumblr page that I decided to open up, so if you use Tumblr, be sure to  follow me over there and be sure to like some of the artwork I will post up there. The site is in it's infancy so there is not much to see right now but that will change soon. SO be sure to check it out here...

Also I would like to push my Facebook page that I have. Yes I have a Facebook page that you can like. It's been there for some time and that one has quite a few postings there so be sure to check that one out. Here is that link...…

And finally, I would like to push my YouTube channel that I have also. Please subscribe for new videos. Right noe it is also in it's infancy and I am trying to develop content for the channel and I think I am getting there. Just not sure what direction I want to take the channel so I am trying a lot of things that interests me. Be sure to see it here...

Okay I think that is all I want to say right now, so be sure to check out my sites. Also I have redone my personal website if you would like to check that one out. That too is over here...

Take care and we will see you on the other side of the universe! =)
Well I decided to try a new area with my drawing and with other things I decided to try to do. So I now have a new YouTube channel that I have developed. Over there I am starting to place videos of my drawing and also other random game play videos and other things. I just finished doing another video of my drawing progress when I just don't have any ideas of what to draw. Here is one right now:

Well, please ckeck it out and if you like what you see, there are more videos over at my YouTube channel, DragonsDoDraw. That is my user name. 
Well I think I am done with my shameless plug here. Please visit and subscribe to my channel. =)
I must say it has been a while since I have written here on DeviantArt. I guess I should say something here. I have been looking at a lot of my old journal entries and I decided to clean up a few of the junk postings and decided to keep a lot of the good stuff. Anyway, this is a new entry so I guess I should say something here. =)

First off, I think I am doing better these days. I am drawing more and more now and I would like to finally get off this funk train I have been on and get back into the swing of things with some drawing. I am doing good with some of the older postings I've been doing. I would like to showcase them here once again so here are some old artwork postings I've done that you might like to see again.

Sailor Scythe by JimmyDrawsArt  Mink from Dragon Half by JimmyDrawsArt  Jason's Happy Day by JimmyDrawsArt

Well, I am going to be doing some more drawing soon. I really do want to get myself going again. You see, I am happiest when I am drawing. I need to be doing this more and I feel that I had better get my act straighten up and get myself drawing. I really do need to be doing this I think.

I also added a few things to my profile page here on DA. I added a new Bio section to my DA ID. Also I decided to start doing commissions. I need to be making some extra money so I have decided to open this avenue up and try my hand in this. So if you are interested, please do hire me for some commission work. I feel that my prices are fair and reasonable for artwork. I am a working adult so I feel that I should charge accordingly. 

Anyway, I would like to say to myself welcome back to DA again and I am going to start working once again on more artwork, at least I will try to do more if life doesn't get in my way. Life does have a bad habit of doing that to me. =)
Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't been around lately. So things are going okay in my life. Lately I have been very lazy when it comes to my artwork. Work has been getting me down and I really need to get my spirits uplifted here and in order for me to do that, I have to get myself back into the swing of things again and start really doing my artwork. I would like to do that and it is something that I must start again or else I will drive myself crazy. Now I also need an awesome community that I can be a part of. Deviant Art can be an awesome community, at least that is what I keep hearing but to be completely honest, I really don't know how to play the game here. It seems like when I post artwork I get faves a bit and a couple of comments witch is good but sometimes I really wold like more feedback other than 'good job' or 'keep up the good work' comments.

You see, i've come to realize that I do my artwork for myself but I also do my artwork for everyone around here as well. I like the feedback I get when I post something up and it makes me feel good inside when I see that a lot of people like my artwork and I keep going. I always like to set goals for myself. I was doing awesome a few months back with drawing a lot for almost a year. But after I moved, I seemed to have lost that drive and now I have found myself in a slump that I am having problems in getting myself out of. I don't know why I keep finding myself in these slumps but sometimes writing these long little rants that I sometimes do gets me out of it. I would write it in just a notebook I have at home but sometimes doing this publicly and getting some feedback will help me even more. My mind is crazy like that and so this is what I am doing.

I guess this is yet another promise to me and another affirmation to myself that I will not disappear from this world. I will always be here as long as I am breathing and I will be trying to do my artwork. Even though I might have come to the realization that is is always going to be a hobby for me and I probably will never make this into a career. If by chance if it does take that route then I will take that opportunity but right now I think I have decided to stop looking at this as a career path for me and Just go with it as a hobby. But as a hobby that I take very seriously! I mean I know in my blood that deep down inside that I am an artist. I always will be an artist! I love all aspects of art! I appreciate it when I see it in all forms. I love coming on Deviant Art and just browsing the recent postings on the front page and what shows up in my inbox from all the people whom I follow. And for those few people who follow me, Love you guys and I love the art you post. Everything I see on Deviant Art gives me inspiration that I can't find anywhere else and sometimes I wonder where your all getting this inspiration that I have trouble tapping into.

I guess I might be crying for help in a strange way. Maybe I am helping myself already by writing this, but I can always use some more help. I lead a pretty boring life. I get up and go to work. I come home and sometimes I am tired from the day that I just sometimes sit in front of the television with my family and watch what they are watching or I get on the computer and just start playing games and veg out till it's time to go back to bed. When it comes to the weekends, I usually spend it catching up on things that I have to get done from the week that I didn't have time to get done or was to tired to get done. Sometimes life sucks and I am making an excuse now. I should just stop making excuses and start again and just do it. I need to start changing my thoughts and start living an awesome life. But where do I start is the question. I live a life that is kind of boring. How does a person keep living everyday. Where does a person find the drive to even get out of bed every morning and participate in this gruelling game we call life? Sometimes I tire of it and just want to stay in be and quit my job and live as a hermit for the rest of my life but I know I can't do that either. I need social interaction form people. I love my wife and family. They are the drive that does keep me living on this big rock that floats in space that God created for what reasons I am not to sure but to be tested for something. Ah that is a different subject... Or is it?

Anyway, if you have gotten this far in reading this rant that I have written, I congratulate you. Have I gotten closer into finding myself yet? I have a little. I would like your feedback if you like. This ranting has mede me feel better about my life and is keeping me going. I still have some more soul searching that I have to complete. Will I ever finish my soul searching? Maybe or maybe not but in the meantime, I think I will go and give some drawing a try and see where that might take me. Life is taking one step at a time and finding a goal that we all are working towards to improve ourselves. I just hope I get there soon. =)
Hello everyone, for some of you who have been following me for a long time will know that I married a Canadian a little over a year ago. Well we submitted the paperwork for me to make my move to leave the United States and to live in Canada. Well the paperwork has arrived and I received the green light. I'm moving to canada to start my new life. I should be packing up my bags and moving in about 2 weeks. Well I'm excited right now that I can't sleep. Wonder what will this do to me when I get to work in the morning. lol! =D
Okay, I missed my monthly due date for having a picture posted every month... I guess I can't be perfect in this little adventure of mine. The past moth has been a struggle for me to just get something done. The motivation is just not there right now. Well, I can try making it up I guess for the month of June by doing at least two drawings and posting them up. So, would you except that for the missed deadline for May? Maybe if I do something during the following week? At least so I can say I'm still on track and I can keep my Resolution of doing a drawing once a month, just for may, I can get half credit for trying. =D
Okay, so I started a Facebook Fan Page that you can follow me and my progress of my art and my website and what I am thinking about more often. Please like the page and spread the word around? I thank you much in advance! =D…
Especially the expensive kind! Like a new 27 inch iMac! Yup I gave a new mac. Thanks to my wife, I was able to get it earlier than expected and also the better model. Originally I was looking at the base model of the iMacs. The 21 inch model was the one I was looking at but my wife surprised me when we went to pick it up and told me to get the bigger one. =)
Yeah, browsing the home page of DA and looking at other things people submitted to DA and I see the advertisement for some Hookup Website and it was flashing women exposing themselves for the camera. I feel there is enough of this crap floating around on DA already but when I am trying to look at clean artwork and find this crap flashing in my face, I think it's taking things to far. Doesn't anyone check this stuff before it is made public on DA? Apparently not. Meh!
Well, Happy New Year everyone.

Lately, I haven't been good with the art posting... Okay so it's been an atrocity. Downright awful!!
I think it is time to change that. I normally don't make Resolutions but this time I feel that I have to do this. So this year, starting with this month of January, I promise to do at least one drawing a month! No mater how awesome or how awful it is! I've just been sick and tired of myself making excuses for myself as to why I don't have anything to show for myself for the year. I look back at my portfolio and see the drawings I have done each year since I have started drawing and every year the amount of drawing I have done gets smaller and smaller to the point where I can count on one hand the amount of art I have done for the year. That to me is pretty pathetic. I'm tired of myself and tired of making excuses. Let's make 2012 be the year of the artist! =D
Happy Thanksgiving! Be sure to eat plenty of turkey so you can sleep good tonight. And if you plan on hitting the stores tomorrow for Black Friday, I will be thinking of you when I am still sleeping in my soft warm bed. =D
Yeah, I'm thinking of turning back on the filter for adult content on the site here. Is it just me or are people just posting up their sexual adventures for people to see? There is VERY LITTLE of it these days that seems like real art to me. I don't come on DeviantArt to se pictures of your privet parts. Geez....
So as of this past weekend, on October 8th, 2011, I took the hand of my most beautiful bride to be and vowed to love her unconditionally. That is right, I got married. It was a small ceremony and a very beautiful one for sure. Just wanted to share the news. =)
I will be completely honest with you all. I feel like I have been living a lie and I want to finally say it out loud! I AM AN ARTIST! THAT IS WHAT I WANTED TO BE! Why am I trying so hard to make it in this life and trying to be something I am not! I love art! But I got it in my mind that art does not pay. Art is meant to be a hobby. You know what? SCREW THAT!!!

For the longest time I have been going down the wrong path in my life. Lately I have been getting knocked down from my adventures in my life. I have been trying to make a life for a possible future family and myself. I understand that we all have to pay the bills so I know that there will be some real late nights for me if I am determine to stay on this path. But something tells me that if I work at it and pray a lot to God I know it will happen.

So today I am announcing a project that I am going to be working on. It is nothing new from me actually. I have tried to work on this project in the past many times. Yes it is my comic, Romancing Dragon! But I feel that this time, things will be different. I haven't felt the way I feel now about this ever. I have the determination to do this finally. I finally feel that things will happen now.

But, as you know, this project will take some time in getting started and I want the launch for this to be right. So I will be working on a few things before this all takes place. I do ask that you will be patient with me in this. Okay so I really know your probably wondering if I will get this off the ground again. Just trust me, things are different this time around. Don't ask me how, they just are…
I am so happy!! Bought a new Wacom Bamboo Tablet today. Got a good deal on it that I couldn't pass up. It's been way to long since I have been without one. Now I feel a part of me has returned. =D
Lately I have been thinking about a few things about my life. I feel that I am starting to come out of a rut here in my life. In other words, I am starting to feel the creativity bug flowing through my veins. So I have decided to make a few decisions in my life.  If I want to try to make art a part of my life and a career, I really need to step things up a few notches.

So my first order of business was to reopen my website. I decided to shut it down for a bit to think things through my life. So my website is reopen and this time I added a whole lot more content. The title to my website, the full title is Jimmy's World, Comics $ Graphics. There was something missing from the site about that title... The Comics! So I added some of them and I have realized that I need to do more in that area. Well, I will try. My motivation is a bit low. So I will try to do more with that. =)

So yes, the first orderer of business was to put the site back up with new content. So if you like, please visit my new website, and take a look at some of the new stuff I have there. I've also decided to add a blog to the site so there is more than artwork there. Anyway, I hope I didn't make this to long. I thank you and look forward to hearing from you soon. =)
I don't really know what to say here. Right now I am taking a break from drawing. I will be floating around here on DeviantArt but I have to rethink things I am doing in my art in general. I really don't know what to say but my inspiration has just left me. I have tried many things to get the creative juices flowing again but lately I just haven't been able to do anything good. So I am taking a break. If I do draw something I will post it here. Anyway, see you all around. =(