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Dragon Attack by Seashore Town by JimmyDrawsArt Dragon Attack by Seashore Town by JimmyDrawsArt
Well, I decided to finally upload this drawing I made some time ago back in mid 2016. I wanted to take this and CG color it on the computer but I just never got around to doing it. At the time I was overloading myself with work and just wasn't able to keep up with the work. Because of that, I forgot about it and all this time it's been sitting in a folder on my desktop just waiting for some attention but again. just forgot about it till now. I was going through the folder of back projects that I just haven't finished and found this.

So I call this drawing The Dragon Attack by a Seashore Town. I got the idea to do this back at an old job site that I worked at and they had artwork on the walls in this one area and something like this drawing was hung up there, and so I got inspired to do this myself. It took a few nights of work to finish this one but I did. Started out by drawing a box on the page and drew lines dividing different segments. And in each segment is a drawing pattern or a scene of the night the dragon attacked the town. Telling a story, you might say, in one piece of paper. Each of the segments was a random shape so the dragon is a bit funny looking in there and I made it up as I went along with the drawing.

Well, I decided to post this now because I remembered it and I did want to finish this piece by adding the color to it but right now, I just don't see myself finishing it yet and it will be just sitting in this folder getting older and older, so I guess I should just share it now. Maybe I will return to this piece but not sure as to when I will, or if ever. Right now, I think I will call it finished and just go from here. Hope you like it. =)
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January 8, 2017
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