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It's almost the end of the year, and it seems like winter is closing. Well, not that soon, but still. There's no winter in my country though ^_^' I know season is changing when the anime I watched that season are near ending XD

I think it's already 8 months since I joined DA. It's been a long journey and because of your support I can keep going, thank you very much.

Don't worry, I won't go sentimental or anything XD I just want to say some stuff...

About commission, I think I won't open it for a bit long time... There are some issues IRL, and it will consume a lot of my time so I want to continue working on my original works for the moment. I know some people were asking, I'm really sorry! But when I open again, I'll make sure you guys know first.

Now this one, I'm still not sure, but I already have ideas for it. I'm planning to make a Visual Novel (If you don't know that term, just google it ^_^). I will only make the character art and story, background art and music I will get them from other places (the ones that I'm allowed to use anyway). Of course, this will cost $0, it's free for everyone.

The urge to do this is because I want to make a real, serious story. I'm not saying that my other works are devoid of story, but Summer comics just has a simple and lighthearted story and UW Dungeon isn't really plot-heavy. While UW Club... I think that one doesn't have a story at all XD. This one will be a serious story. But do not worry, it will have a lot of UW. I will make sure there'll be no shortage of UW scenes in the story. Just like my description say, I draw UW stuff ^_^ I know, it's very time consuming and need a lot of focus. That's why for now I'm still pending the idea. 

I guess that's all I want to say. Have a happy winter, happy holidays, and take care of yourself and your family - From me and the whole UW Dungeon crew!

UW Dungeon... Not Really - Winter Edition by JimLiesman

(PS: If you're waiting for the last part of Commission 19, I'm really sorry. I gave the sketch to the commissioner and he haven't replied yet, so I can't work on the last part for now.)
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November 21, 2016


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