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Hello. So I'm opening commission. Are you interested? If yes, please read this journal carefully ^_^

NOTE: Please send you ideas and references in Notes.

Comment section is just too confusing for discussion, I prefer via notes which is more organized.

1. Stuff I can do and cannot do:

Basically I'm almost always drawing pictures with underwater theme, usually with female characters. Of course I can do non-underwater or males too, I just don't do it much (and if you want me to draw either of those, please don't expect too much >_<).

-The costumes are usually swimsuit or underwear, but I can do clothed too.
-I can only draw human characters and it will be anime style (no cartoon style and such)
-I can't draw anything hardcore. No extreme fetishes. I can do drownings with some variations though, just discuss it with me first. Basically SFW stuff only.
-I can't draw backgrounds almost at all so expect simple backgrounds.

FANART IS OKAY I'm sorry for being complicated before in this matter, I'm still learning about DA >_<

2. Example of my works:

This is basically what I do 90% of the time: Underwater themed pictures
Nikaido Mari and Saionji Usagi by JimLiesman  Kitashirakawa Tamako by JimLiesman  Himeragi Yukina by JimLiesman
My OC:
Kikkawa Yurina - Drowned in Thoughts by JimLiesman  Blakk Archipelago Chronicles - Kave and Ili Color by JimLiesman  Kagurazaka Ame - Redemption Equals No Air? by JimLiesman

Now for Non-Underwater themed pictures. Once again I don't do this much so don't expect too much >_<
The Girls of Kotetsujou no Kabaneri by JimLiesman
Episode 4 005 Welcome home! by JimLiesman  Episode 5 001 Welcome, y'all! by JimLiesman

3. Price (USD):

For Colored piece: $8 (One character. More characters $4 each) Again With Simple Backgrounds (like you can see above) so please nothing complicated.

For Lineart piece: $4 (One character. More characters $2 each) About backgrounds, same with above.

Some people who might want several sequences of pictures to make a story, tell me through Notes, we can discuss about it. There will be some discount.

Also I'm sorry for now I don't do comic pages.

4. Payment Method:

Paypal only
, sorry.

After we agree about your commission, you can send your payment. Of course after the sketch is done I will send it to you, if you want changes or something similar. No changes after the work is done though.

5. Other Important Stuff:

-Once again, please use NOTES for commission talk, okay?
-In the end I will decide if I want to draw your commission or not. Don't worry, if you fulfilled the conditions I wrote above on Point number one, I think I can do it.
-I will post the completed version of the commission in my gallery (mentioning you the requester of course, except you want it anonymous). But if you don't want me to do that, it's okay.

I'm opening 5 slots for now, but depending on the situation I might open more.

1. Taken by :iconossoona18: DONE <da:thumb id="614525328"/>

2. Taken by :icondradragontear: DONE <da:thumb id="614664459"/>  <da:thumb id="614814085"/>

3. Taken by :iconpoolerdude: DONE <da:thumb id="614957233"/>

4. Taken by :icondradragontear: DONE (Posted in the :icondradragontear: 's gallery It's our only breath... [By LiesMan] by DraDragonTear)
5. Taken by :iconbaha05: DONE  <da:thumb id="615640042"/>  <da:thumb id="615678397"/>

6. Taken by :iconeaglet1:  <da:thumb id="616525946"/>

Taken by :icondanhighland: DONE  <da:thumb id="616065772"/>

Taken by :icondradragontear: DONE (Gonna be posted in :icondradragontear: 's gallery

Thank you very much!
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Fleskhjertaaaaa Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2016  Student Digital Artist
DAMN! i've never do the commission before, when :iconminsoul-hazard: does commission! I can't beleve i forgot sense January.

I've never post my UW art yet... so :icontherealstickblue: draws UW arts! so... i've never done that before.

but i use old applications on Macromedia Flash 8 and Adobe Photoshop CS2.

so i going to do it the first time!
TheRealStickBlue Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2016
Yep... Sucks to be you...

I still post my uw arts, but soon...
DraDragonTear Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ooh, that is beautiful c: Been hoping you would open for commish some day ^_^ Will write you a note in a few minutes.
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June 9, 2016


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