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NOTE: Please send you ideas and references in Notes.

1. Stuff I can do and cannot do:

Basically I'm almost always drawing pictures with underwater theme, usually with female characters. Of course I can do non-underwater or males too, I just don't do it much.

-The costumes are usually swimsuit or underwear, but I can do clothed too.
-I can only draw human characters and it will be anime style (no cartoon style and such)
-I can't draw anything hardcore. No extreme fetishes except I can do drownings with some variations, just discuss it with me first. Basically no NSFW.
-Simple backgrounds only, nothing too complicated.

2. Example of my works:

Salvage Girls 2 by JimLiesman  WUNDERBAR! by JimLiesman  Girls in One-piece Swimsuits by JimLiesman  Atelier Rorona by JimLiesman Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records by JimLiesman

Commission 43 by JimLiesman  Commission 42 by JimLiesman

Comic pages:

The Asphodel Hunter Prologue - Page 1 by JimLiesman  The Asphodel Hunter Prologue - Page 2 by JimLiesman  The Asphodel Hunter Prologue - Page 3 by JimLiesman  The Asphodel Hunter Prologue - Page 4 by JimLiesman  The Asphodel Hunter Prologue - Page 5 by JimLiesman  The Asphodel Hunter Prologue - Page 6 END by JimLiesman

3. Price (USD):

For Colored piece: $10 (One character. More characters $5 each. Max 3 characters)
Again With Simple Backgrounds (like you can see above) so please nothing complicated.

For Lineart piece: $7 (One character. More characters $3 each. Max 3 characters)
About backgrounds, same with above.

Some people who might want several sequences of pictures to make a story, tell me through Notes, we can discuss about it. There will be some discount. Max 3 pics.

Now comic pages. I will limit it to 2 pages max. Also you might have to plan the pages (by that I mean I might ask you the details in the pages, like not just a general idea but a bit more detailed. You don't have to plan every panel, but if you want to I'm okay). I will also help with the planning of course, if you need. Each page will be $15 (colored) or $10 (lineart)

4. Payment Method:

Paypal only

After we agree about your commission, you can send your payment. Of course after the sketch is done I will send it to you, if you want changes or something similar. No changes after the work is done though.

5. Other Important Stuff:

-In the end I will decide if I want to draw your commission or not. Don't worry, if you fulfilled the conditions I wrote above on Point number one, I think I can do it.
-I might ask you if I can post the completed version of the commission in my gallery (mentioning you the requester of course). If you don't want me to do that, it's okay. Or if you want to post the result on your gallery, it's also okay.

5 slots available:

1. :icondradragontear:

2. :iconseawolf03:

3. :icontamdanidamsel:

4. :iconanimosity789:

5. :iconaster144:

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Are you going to be opening up commissions soon?
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