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Pilot 001 Your Work is Easy, isn't it? by JimLiesman Pilot 001 Your Work is Easy, isn't it? by JimLiesman

Four is a young mercenary, starting off several days ago with her shiny suit of armor and a steel mind. Feeling like her homeland, the capital, was not enough, she decided to go to a less known land for a better job opportunity. She decided she would go to the Blakk Archipelago.


On the ship heading there, Four met a strange redheaded girl. She’s probably around the same age with Four. The girl said that she finished her need in the capital and is going back to the archipelago. She also said that she’s a treasure hunter. She said this while laughing with a bright face.


Four heard that Blakk Archipelago’s Treasure Hunters and the divers there in general are quite famous, as it’s told that because of the Sea Protector, nobody could drown in the archipelago’s waters. The Redheaded girl, still bright as always, replied, “Well, technically, yes. But it’s not that easy you know! There are some conditions to be fulfilled first, like-”


“Your work is easy, isn’t it? We, mercenaries, could die anytime in any mission, while you have your Protector’s blessing…”


Thoughtlessly, Four spouted those words. The Redheaded girl just stood there, silent. Four wanted to apologize, but the ship suddenly rocked. Four, who stood on the edge, thrown off the ship and fell into the blue sea…

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March 3, 2016
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