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Mysterious Encounter Way Below The Surface by JimLiesman Mysterious Encounter Way Below The Surface by JimLiesman

A female explorer named Neige Belloc has been wandering in a forest, searching for the lost ruins of an ancient tribe. Exhausted, she decided to rest near a lake. The explorer finally could relax, so she took off her gear and lie down on the ground only wearing a tanktop and her panties. After a while, she looked at the lake and thought a swim would be nice.


Neige decided to take a flashlight with her, as she thought she probably could find something interesting down under. After a short warming up and taking a deep breath, she jumped in. The water was crystal clear—she did not have any difficulties with her vision. The part where she jumped in was quite shallow. The brave young lady decided to swim forward, and as she expected it’s getting deeper and darker.


Suddenly, something startled Neige, making her exhale a lot of bubbles. In front of her was a sudden drop—the lake became much, much deeper. Even though her lungs started to sting, Neige forced herself to get a clearer view of the sudden abyss that appeared before her. It was really deep. After that, The Explorer couldn’t hold her longing for oxygen anymore, so she immediately swam up, reaching the surface several seconds after she exhaled every air inside her tormented lungs.


With her head above the water, Neige was breathing like crazy. She was glad she felt alive again, but her curiosity started to drag her back under. She wanted to dive into that abyss as deep as she could, or at least before she drowns. There might be some clues to the mysterious tribe there. All those ideas entered her little head, and so Neige decided to dive down once again, with a hope that she will go back above the surface carrying at least a piece of information.


Neige swam with all her might, while trying to save stamina for the eventual rush to the surface. She went straight into the dark depths. At first, the flashlight helped, but soon enough it barely could light anything. It was almost an absolute darkness. Slowly but surely Neige started to panic. Her breath control was getting messy—a small mistake could drown her. Her mind froze inside the darkness. She knew she had to go back to the land of living, but her body wouldn’t cooperate. Neige went too far--she was on verge of blacking out.


Her blank mind suddenly jolted back to life as a silhouette passed her. Surprised and scared, Neige’s mind started to work again as she tried to contain the air inside her to not leak. Immediately she started to search around with her flashlight—what was that? She definitely could feel a presence near her, but she couldn’t see what it was. Though in no time she decided to stop dilly-dallying meters below the surface and decided to swim back up.


On the journey back, Neige could feel someone swimming beside her. Her vision was starting to blur, her mind barely could process anything around her. So she decided to ignore it and focus on staying conscious and alive. After a seemingly long and painful swim, Neige arrived on her destination. With every ounce of strength that’s left on her, she reached the land. Gasping for life, Neige lie down on her back. When she gathered back her mind, she realized there was someone behind her—a purple haired girl. She looked at Neige with a smug expression.


“You’re pretty good,” she said.


Neige realized that girl was the mysterious silhouette that saved her from the darkness.


Just a short story :D

GrayComputer Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Awesome! ^^ ^-^ ^o^ ^_^ ^O^ ^0^ :heart:
The3House Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2018
Neat story. :D
swordsman9 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2018  Student Filmographer
Nice little short story :3
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