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It was a hot afternoon. I was riding a car with an air conditioner though so the heat was not a problem. My problem was the people that were inside the car with me, they were a much bigger problem.


All of them wore black suits. The woman on the front seat was their leader. I was sitting on the back seat, right in the middle of two huge, bulky people. I barely could move my body and feet. As I took a glance around, they immediately looked at me with sharp eyes. I wasn’t only pressured physically, but also mentally.


Let me get to the point, they were mafias. Criminals. Simply put I did something that they thought was unpleasant and now they’re gonna punish me. What’s the punishment you say? I definitely could see what they were planning, as I saw the car started to head for the sea and towards the cliffs.


“Out, pretty boy,” The woman in black opened the door after the car stopped. I couldn’t see her eyes as she covered them with sunglasses.


Slowly, I got out of the car. We’re definitely on the top of a really high cliff. The big guys behind me pushed me, forced my legs to move. Suddenly, before I realized it I was on the tip of the cliff while the others were on the opposite side of me. Definitely reminded me of Captain Hook and his lackeys looking at Peter Pan on a wood plank. I was sure that the similarities won’t end there.


“So, how do you feel? Literally on the edge of your life?” The woman started talking again.


“I’m not sure.”


“You’re surprisingly calm. Or I guess you realized that you have no way out?”




“Cheeky boy,” The woman took a gun from her pocket and aimed it towards me, “Take off your clothes.”


Without much resistance, I stripped myself off. When I was going to take off my briefs, she stopped me. She said she didn’t want to see my tiny junk. Then she walked towards me and touched my tummy, chest and crotch with the cold gun. If I was Jackie Chan or Indiana Jones I might be able to disarm her in this distance. But sadly I was just a weak stick figure that might break in one punch.


“Such a shame… I really want to play around with your slim body… But I guess it was not destined to be that way,” She turned around to walk back, but then suddenly—




She turned around again quickly in a very cowboy-like fashion then shot my stomach. It hurt like crazy. I couldn’t control my body and slowly I walked backwards. I tried to control myself by biting my lower lip, but it’s useless. I couldn’t do anything but to keep walking backwards and eventually, fell down the cliff.


“Good journey, little boy.”


The fall was really quick. I couldn’t realize I was falling until my body hit the water. It was really, really painful. I didn’t pass out, but I guess I was half unconscious because I couldn’t really move my arms or legs.


Surely I did not took a big breath so as soon as I went underwater, I was already suffocating. Meanwhile as I couldn’t move, I just kept heading down without any ability to resist. In no time I would be drowned.


But even in this situation of pure despair, I had hope. I knew that my guardian angels will save me. Oh, guardian mermaids were more like it.


As I was keep going down, I started inhaling water. I was in the process of going fully unconscious. Honestly without a proper start, I couldn’t keep holding my breath. That’s when my blurry vision caught something—a silhouette closing towards me. It swam with a tremendous speed, as it was a fish. When it was close enough, I could see a figure of a young girl with a long black hair. Probably around 24-25 years old. She wore a orange-ish two piece swimsuit. The most peculiar thing about her is she wore bracelets. On her arm, leg, and neck—I guess I can’t call them bracelets? My impression of her was that she looked like a tribal girl.

Mr. Cooper and 3 Sisters of the Sea Illustration 1 by JimLiesman

Anyway, I was losing consciousness when suddenly I felt something on my lips—it was the girl’s lips locking onto mine. She tried to keep me conscious. Of course because if I blacked out I might be drowned in seconds. Her method worked as I was quite open wide again. But my body was still too weak to move.


As I shook my head to convey to her that I probably couldn’t do this, she just smiled shyly. Then I felt someone supporting my weak body, trying to carry it. There were two, both girls but even though they looked like the first one, they look much younger. There was the one with shorter hair, which looked like a young adult, and there was another one who might be in high school. Both wore the same kind of swimsuit as the first one, complete with the bracelets.


Anyway, they carried me but surprisingly not towards the surface but towards the bottom of the sea, which I couldn’t even see. I couldn’t help but started to panic and flailed my arms around, but I was too weak to resist even these girls with thin arms. The smallest one even glanced at me with a smug expression on her face… It was frustrating.


I knew that we all planned this together before, but it was still really scary. The thought of keep going towards the darkness below instead of the light above. The sunlight started to dim, everything started to get dark. Exactly as planned, the three girls carried me into a hidden cave really deep under the water—maybe around 50 meters below the surface.


As we entered the cave, I couldn’t hold myself anymore and exhaled. The joint effort of suffocation and the pain in my stomach managed to broke my focus. The girls seemed unable to do anything about it, so the eldest looking one covered my mouth and nose with her hand. Her pinkish lips moved gently.


We’ll protect you.


That was the last thing I remember before I blacked out. And then I started to see a dream. A dream of the beginning, when these three girls saved me and when I saved these three girls…

Tried writing again after some time. This time it's an actual story instead of just pictures with few lines accompanying them so maybe it will be a bit longer. I'm not continuing the Escape from Big Fe I guess because it's been a long time and I forgot where the story should go. I hope you can enjoy this story (and I hope I can finish it as planned).

Chapter 1 Read it here
Diakon454 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't want to be the negative one again, but... Unless those girls have a solid doctor/shaman/anysortofhealingmagic down there, Mr. Cooper is gonna sleep with the fishes...
Let there be something down there that can heal a gunshot to a belly with poor self-treatment, I don't want the bad endingVirus!Sans - Sad Icon 
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