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“Argbl… Grrrrbl….!”


It’s mind-boggling how a little girl which only half of my height could hold me down like this. Her arms were as thin as branches, yet it felt like I was being held by a wrestler. No sign of muscle as far as I could see. Yet I couldn’t move even an inch. Truly, water was their element.


But then I realized that it was not the time to marvel at the amazing strength of this girl—my air was currently reaching almost zero. Water already entered my lungs and soon everything would go pitch black. It would be the end of everything—I haven’t even started my plan yet.


Several seconds later my body was starting to lose strength. I was still able to keep my consciousness, but it was starting to fade. I was pretty sure that I was done, everything was over. The stronger I denied it, the faster I inhaled water. Eventually I gave up, but that’s when I saw a shadow closing in from the surface.


It was a girl—definitely older than the one hugging me, but oddly they looked similar. They’re like sisters… Yeah, she’s probably the middle sister. It seemed like she took off her top but still wore a baggy jeans, as it was swaying as she swam towards me. On her face, there was an angry expression.




The youngest sister was surprised when she felt a strong force pulling me away from her. She tried her best to kept me locked, but all for naught, as the middle sister was stronger than her.




She pulled me away like I was some kind of ragdoll. It was a miracle—I felt strength coming back as I was released from the youngest sister’s death hug. I faced the middle sister and she looked me in the eye for a split second.


Go up! was the message that clearly said by those sharp, reddish eyes.


I didn’t waste any second as I started kicking immediately. I wanted air so, so bad. I needed to get all these water inside me out. I wanted to feel the sun again. I didn’t want to die there.




But like a predator who didn’t want her prey escape, the youngest sister swam to chase me. In no time, I would get caught again by her, and that’s a no-no. But what was I supposed to do? I couldn’t fight back, so I just kept swimming up. I was in full desperation mode and didn’t even think—my mind was blank except for the word ‘air’.


Thankfully, the middle sister protected me. She blocked the youngest sister’s path and looked at her menacingly, like saying she would resort to violence if this keeps going on. The youngest sister wasn’t afraid at all and tried to break the middle sister’s block. But once again it was all for naught, as the middle sister angrily kicked her little sister’s face. It was a clean hit—as soon as the kick landed, the youngest sister eyes rolled to her back and her mouth was opened wide, letting a lot of bubbles came out. She immediately passed out.

Mr. Cooper and 3 Sisters of the Sea Illustration 6 by JimLiesman

That happened in just two and a half seconds, maybe. Then my way to the surface was free and clean, nothing could stopped me to reach the world of living. Yes—!




I couldn’t believe it. I was alive. I was still alive after that crazy experience. My skin was super pale and I barely could breathe. I swam to the beach slowly as I kept coughing out water. As I reached the sand, I lie down on my back and started to breathe more deeply, enjoying the sensation of being alive.


After several minutes of loud gasping and coughing, I finally could calm my mind. I sat and looked at the sea, wondering why those two haven’t surfaced yet. What happened? Should I check? Or…


“Phuaaah! Gasp…”


Speak of the devil. The middle sister appeared from the sea. She slowly swam to the beach. But she’s alone. Where’s her sister? I started to think scary things, like she would left the passed out youngest sister meters below the surface in cold blood. No way, right?


As the middle sister reached the shallow parts, it could be seen that she was holding the youngest sister’s limp body. Then as if she didn’t care she just threw her on the sand. The youngest sister’s face was really pale—was she breathing or not? I was legitimately feeling scared at that moment.


“Oh, don’t worry. She’s okay,” the middle sister said as she looked at my worried face. Which part of her was okay, may I ask?


“Hey, wake up you dummy!”


What happened next made me jump—the middle sister just kicked the little sister again—now in the side of her stomach. What made me even more surprised was that the little sister woke up and started gasping and coughing like crazy. I thought this kind of method to revive someone from drowning only could be practiced by these sisters… No way a normal human would be revived from drowning if you kick their sides.


“Cough! Uarrgh… It hurts! Faye, what are you doing?!”


“That’s my question, you big dummy! Do you want us to get caught by the police?!”


“But this creepy old man wanted to do something naughty to Audrey! I was just stopping him!”


Old man? Hey, I was in my late twenties.


“By drowning him? I knew it by looking at a man’s shirt beside your clothes… I just felt you’re doing something dangerous. Glad I decided to jump in. Mister, you alright?”


“At least I’m alive,” I answered her question sarcastically.


“I’m really sorry for this mess… I hope you can forgive this little brat… Julie, apologize to him!”


It seemed like the youngest sister had her strength back, as she started to get up and sit. But then with a sudden movement she crawled towards me and started headbutting my chest. It didn’t hurt at all and I didn’t move even an inch—it was just a normal high schooler girl’s headbutt. The difference between her strength underwater and in land was really huge.


“Die, you old fart!”


“Julie, stop that right now!”


“Nggaaahh!! Fwaye, dwon’t stop mwee…!”


Then Faye the middle sister crawled towards Julie and started pinching her cheeks. That moment it looked like just a normal siblings fight, instead of the intense battle of life and death I saw under the sea. This sight was almost refreshing after what I’ve gone through in these few minutes.


“Lwet me gwo! Ewh, Audwey…?”

Mr. Cooper and 3 Sisters of the Sea Illustration 7 by JimLiesman

Julie’s resistance stopped as she glanced to her side. Faye and I followed suit. We all saw the same thing—It was Audrey the eldest sister, on her face was an expression of shock, worry, fear, and confusion. Her eyes were dead.


“What are you two doing… Half naked… With this gentleman… Who is also shirtless…”


She was like a broken machine, letting out broken phrases. This sight surely wasn’t pleasant for her, was it? This situation needs to be straighten, like, right away.


“Miss Hauck, it’s me. Do you remember? From yesterday’s accident…”


“Huh…?” Audrey still looked confused.


“The one you saved from the sinking car.”


Then Audrey’s eyes lit up, “Ooh! It was you, yes, I remember! But… What are you and my sisters… Doing….?” only to die again.


I had to explain everything thoroughly, without leaving any details.

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