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The name was all I need, was not a exaggeration. It’s really all I needed. Add that to the fact that she’s a beautiful woman and would leave quite an impression, it would be easy to find her identity. I had access to the archive that had all the data I need. It took some time, but in the end I found who was Audrey Hauck. The result baffled me.


That year Audrey Hauck was 25. She’s the eldest of three sisters. The middle sister was 20 and the youngest was 16. They lived in a house near the shore, just the three of them. Audrey graduated from a nursing school, and currently unemployed as she was fired from her last job in Barrett Medical Center—and it wasn’t the first job where she got fired.


That’s the general information about her. As there were still many questions in my mind, I decided to dig deeper. Why was she fired from her job several times? What happened to their parents? How come she had an amazing aquatic abilities? I found a piece of information that could answer all three answers at the same time.


Believe or not—Audrey’s mother was a member of a mysterious tribe that live on a far away archipelago. Some said that they swear loyalty and pray to their sea god, so the sea god gave them bodies that are extraordinary. While normal human became weak when they entered the water, it’s the opposite for the people of this tribe. They basically became superhumans. Super breatholding skill, amazing agility and swimming ability. Even super strength. Audrey’s mother was part of few people from the tribe who wanted to live in the city. That’s why she moved here, to US of A and that’s when she met Audrey’s father. They fell in love and decided to marry.


Sadly, the road to happiness was long and winding. Rumors about Audrey’s mother’s identity started to spread. As they said, humans feared the unknown—they labeled Audrey’s mother as a freak. They said that this former island dweller was a cannibal. They said she worship Satan. She had a reputation as the bringer of misfortune. The life at the Haucks home wasn’t easy. But they managed quite far. They had three children—all females and they all look exactly like their mother.


When the youngest sister was 10 years old, something terrible happened. As the paranoia of the townsfolk hit the limit, they started doing violence to the Haucks. It was terrible—It was sickening. Mr. and Mrs. Hauck decided to face the townsfolk and try to convince them once and for all. If they aren’t coming back by evening, they told the 19 years old Audrey to run away with her sisters as far as they can. Turns out the they didn’t come, and Audrey with her sisters, said farewell to that small town and never looked back.


After that was the hardest part. In a new place, Audrey who was fresh out of the nursing school had to take many shifts on hospitals and clinics. The middle sister decided to stop going to school and became a papergirl. The youngest was still going to school because Audrey and the middle sister made an oath to fulfill all of their youngest sister’s academy needs.


Of course, it was not that easy. The rumor about the three sisters’ real identity started to spread again. Audrey who already found a steady position in a clinic was fired because of the superstition bullcrap. They had to stumble around, had to sell their belongings and borrow money from many places. And nothing much changed since then.




As I tidied the papers, I made up my mind. I had a plan to escape the mobs, and those three girls would be the key to this plan. Meanwhile I would help their financial problem. It’s a barter. I wanted them to save me after I saved them.



I rode my car, going towards the beach. As I mentioned before, the mobs didn’t really care. I was sure no one’s following me. They’re fully confident that they already blocked exit of the city and I would not get out of here without them noticing. I knew that, and it’s not a problem for me. I had another plan.


The Hauck sisters’ house was pretty far from the downtown. It was located near the rocky part of the beach. In case you’re asking—no, it wasn’t part of some elite residence. In fact it’s kind of like a slum. The houses around that parts seemed really rundown and dirty. I never touched these territory before so all of these was a new experience.


I parked my car quite far from the settlement, and walked along the beach. As I arrived there, I asked around about the Hauck sisters’ house. Some people winced when they heard that name. Even though they told me the house was a bit further along the beach, they said to me to not come near it. It seemed like the rumors were still around after all.


Ignoring their warning, I continued my walk and kept following the beach. I arrived at the foot of a cliff. It wasn’t that high, but a house was located on top. I was sure it’s the Hauck sisters’. I intended to head there before I saw a girl sitting under the cliff. I noticed she had many similarities with Audrey—her black hair and red eyes, especially. But this girl looked much younger than Audrey, looking at her physique she’s probably a freshman in high school. She took notice of me, so I walked towards her.

Mr. Cooper and 3 Sisters of the Sea Illustration 4 by JimLiesman


“Mister, who are you?” She asked as she looked down, as if she tried to avoid an eye contact with me.


“Uh, I… want to meet with your sister, Audrey. Is she home?”


“Audrey’s not home, she’s at the job center.”


“Ah, right… She was just fired from Barrett…”


Suddenly the young girl lifted her head and looked at me. Her eyes were sharp, “You know awfully lot about Audrey, Mister. What do you want?”


“Simply put, I’m trying to give her a job. It might not be the best job ever… but I digress, I think it fits your sister’s skill very well.”


“Her nursing skill?”


“…The other skill. One that is very rare among people.”


The girl’s eyes grew much sharper. She looked like she’s going to stab me. She definitely sensed danger from me. Maybe I was a bit too excited about this plan, I shouldn’t tell this little kid everything. So after that I decided to shut my big mouth and just looked at the sea. The girl also became quiet, but not for a long time.


“Hey Mister, you can swim, right? Wanna swim with me?” The girl stood and jumped down from the rocks. Her bare feet landed at the sand. Then she proceeded to strip.


“Ah, I pass. I’m not really feeling it.”


The girl revealed her blue sports bra and white panties. I thought she would wear swimsuit, but then I realized there was a bag beside the rock she sat on. She’s probably just came back from school.


“Mister, what are you looking at?” I just realized the girl was already in front of me—I could see her half naked body very clearly, but she did not mind at all, “The water will make you feel refreshed. Come on!” She grabbed my right arm and started pulling me.

In the end, I gave in and took off my shirt and shoes. I did not take off my trousers though, the wind was freezing. That’s when I started to regret this decision. But the girl was already headed towards the sea, so I tried to catch up with her.


“You probably already know, Mister, but I can dive really deep. Wanna see?”


“Okay, why not?”


The girl inhaled really deep, and then jumped in the water. She was immediately gone, she didn’t resurface at all. I decided to do the same. As I entered the deep water, the coldness became almost unbearable. But I soldiered on and started heading down.


The ocean was really, really deep, I thought as I started diving. Instead of a huge swimming pool, it was more like an abyss, where I couldn’t see the bottom. As I  swam down, I felt like falling. I was getting further and further from the surface, disconnecting myself from the world of living.


Strangely I couldn’t see the girl’s silhouette. I thought she dived only few seconds before me, how could she be gone already? As my chest starting to hurt, I sensed danger. I couldn’t see much under the water, so trying to search for her was suicide. I decided to turn upwards and head for the surface. But—




I couldn’t swim up. I kicked with all my strength, but I wasn’t going anywhere. My body that needed air so much just floated around 15 meters below the surface. My mind was a bit mess, but I was still conscious so I tried harder. Still nothing. That’s when I realized I felt someone’s skin touching mine. I was so busy trying to head up I did not noticed—the girl was hugging me, but definitely not in a loving manner.

Mr. Cooper and 3 Sisters of the Sea Illustration 5 by JimLiesman


Believe it or not, her slim body which probably weigh less than 50 kg could lock me. She looked like she didn’t give any effort at all. Her ruby red eyes looked directly into my pale face. I was drowning, yet this girl was smiling. It was a very sinister smile, like a villain’s. She’s doing this on purpose—she’s trying to kill me.




Her mouth opened and several air bubbles came out. Meanwhile I was starting to inhale water—in a few seconds, I might die.

The story continues, this one ends with a cliffhanger!

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