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Riaa: So, we meet again, viewers! Welcome to “Let’s Go! Blakk Archipelago TALK”! Like
the last time, I, Riaa, will be your host!

Four: And once again, I, Four, will be the co-host. In this segment, we will talk about various stuff that is related to the Blakk Archipelago story. About the Archipelago itself, people around  it, and many more.

Riaa: Well, would ya look at that! We’re already on the second episode! Isn’t that exciting?

Four: Yes, yes… And we actually had a lot to talk about.

Riaa: Not to mention special guests!  So, let’s go on!

Four: Right.


Riaa: For now, let’s introduce our special guest! My and Four’s precious team mates! We made an oath together to conquer the Archipelago one day! To be the King of Treasure Hunters!

Four: Um, no, we didn’t do that. Anyway, welcome, Kave and Ilisono.

Kave: Thank you!

Ili: Glad to be here.

Riaa: Weeell… We’re all here! I guess this calls for celebration!

Four: Riaa, we’re on the middle of the program.

Kave: She’s always like this huh. Full of spirits, anywhere, anytime, no exceptions.

Four: She is?

Ili: You’ll know soon enough, how it feels to not being able to control Riaa.

Four: A-ahaha….

Riaa: Hush, you two! What am I, a pet dog or something?

Kave and Ili: Probably.

Riaa: Whaat? Lads, if I ever hear nonsense, that’s one! Now, the show must go on.

Four: Let us move to the next corner.


Riaa: Let's start "What Happened?!" Corner! Here, we will talk about recent developments of the story. So, uh, last chapter was pretty intense, huh?

Four: After I woke up, I thought Noku was joking when he told me that we succeeded. Then Ilisono showed me the golden egg and I felt like I want to pass out again.

Riaa: Exactly what I felt! Man, I can’t believe we actually escaped from that place!

Kave: Well, we saw everything from Noku’s Screen. You both looked like living corpses, to be honest. We were so worried.

Ilisono: Don’t forget you guys were asleep for a week. After that, another week of recovery. Me and Kave were working hard cleaning the seabed with only the two of us, you know? I mean, even with the golden egg we can’t just laze around.

Riaa: (laughs) Thank you, both of you. I guess ruins exploring is a really high level stuff, eh?

Four: Yeah. It’s pretty lucky we got trapped in a place that could be solved with Riaa’s special ability. What was it like in your previous ruins explorations?

Kave: We only explored one ruins before you came, Four. And… It was terrible (laughs) Riaa alone was trapped in a room with lots of boulders.

Four: Then?

Ili: Well, why don’t you try guessing? She drowned of course. Mission failed. Kave should’ve been there instead of her.

Riaa: You said that like I was in fault! It’s not my fault okay!?

Kave: Of course. Anyway, with the addition of Four, I feel really confident. I think our team can achieve higher places!

Riaa: I agree!

Four: Ah, you two…

Riaa: Right, Ili?

Ili: Well, she certainly proved herself in the last job. Don’t get me wrong, you’re still a newbie. But you’re a lot better now, I say.

Riaa: Hee, Ili is ‘that’, you know Kave… What was it?

Kave: Umm… Ah, right. ‘Tsundere’!

Ili: W-who is a tsundere?! Shut up you two!

(Riaa and Kave giggling)

Four: Even Ilisono… Thank you, everyone! I will work harder starting now!

Ili: You better be.

Riaa: What a touching bonding moment for our team! Now, let’s move on. Four, about the next chapter… Or we better call it an ‘arc’ cause it will span for several chapters!

Four: Right. We will be traveling to an another part of Archipelago. It’s a new place to us… Except to one. It is actually the hometown of one of us. And, guess what, that person will be the focus of the arc!

Riaa: We will spent some time to get used to the place, so don’t expect immediate action-packed chapter! Give us some chapters to lie down, okay~

Four: Please look forward to it.

Riaa: Now, to the next corner!


Riaa: Now, it’s time for “What’s this? What’s that?” Corner! We will talk about all things related to the Archipelago!

Four: One of the topics that will be talked today is ruins. These places are an enigma, aren’t they? They just popped out of nowhere?

Kave: Yes. They will appear at a random time and random place. There will be some sign if one will appear, even though only the Contractors, or in our case, Noku, will feel it. That’s why we should thank the guy.

Riaa: If you’re listening, thank you Noku!

Ili: And like explained before, after people entered it and exited—regardless of how they exit—the ruins will be gone. Might be forever, might be for several months. If it appears again, it will be on a different place. I don’t know how many ruins are there, so you can call each of them a chance in a lifetime.

Kave: Each ruins has different  layouts, traps, and of course different treasure! Usually the generic layout of a ruins is like this—at the front, there will be several paths. Only one path is right, and the road to the treasure—or after the treasure, like the ruins before this—will be full of traps.

Riaa: Don’t forget you can’t just take the treasure and drown! You have to bring it to the shore, because we don’t carry the things we grabbed before drowning and teleported back.

Four: I see. Not to mention, to escape from the traps, we have to use our special abilities.

Riaa: Yep. That’s why I said it’s a high-level stuff.

Four: Is the treasure worth the trouble, though?

Ili: Without a doubt. Aside from the price, the fact that you had it in your collection makes your team more popular. Better jobs will come to us, so we don’t have to clean filthy seabed anymore.

Kave: I will miss it though…

Ili: Well I don’t.

Four: Let’s talk a bit about the revealed ability of Riaa. Can you explain ‘Pathfinder’, Riaa?

Riaa: With pleasure! Pathfinder, like the name, is the ability to find the right path in a maze.

Four: Do you see a map in your mind or something like that?

Riaa: No, nothing that fancy. It’s just, when you’re in front of an intersection, you can see an arrow in your mind. As that arrow rotates, you have to concentrate, focus on ‘the will to escape’ so it will choose the right path for us!

Four: Wow, that sounds rather convenient!

Ili: (laughs) Shame it’s wasted on our scatterbrained leader!

Riaa: Hey, Ilii!

Kave: We need a really focused mind in order to use Pathfinder properly. Because of Riaa’s, um, playful mind you got into that mess.

Four: Just as I thought (laugh)

Riaa: Noo! Why is even Four bullying me! L-let’s change the topic! What about your special ability, Four? I didn’t see it clearly because I was barely conscious, but it was like a transparent sword?

Four: Yes.

Kave: We can see it clearly from the screen. It was shaped like a broad sword… It was rather wide.

Ili: And the power, it was very strong. Like, the ruins’ wall was no joke. This sword could destroy a part of it, big enough to make an air pocket.

Four: It is such a shame that it has a long cooldown time.

Ili: But honestly, is making air pocket its only function? I’m thinking that it could be something bigger than that. It has a lot of potential.

Four: Probably. Maybe related to how I should use it…

Riaa: Hey, you two. The viewers might get bored if you talk about difficult stuff! Let’s talk about fun stuff! Like, hey, who do you think has the bigger breasts? Four or Kave?

Four and Kave: W-what?!

Riaa: Hmm, I’m leaning toward Four, but Kave was our champion before Four came. So… Hmm, I’m not sure. What’s your measurement, Four?

Four: W-why are we talking about this vulgar topic…?! I-I won’t say my measurements!

Kave: S-same with me…

Riaa: Bleh, no fun. Well the first position might be unclear, but it’s clear that I’m right under them! Ha Ha! At least I’m not the last!

Kave: R-Riaa! If you say that, Ili will…!

Riaa: Welp, ah… Right…

Ili: Did you say breasts? I couldn’t hear it clearly, was it breasts? You’re talking about big breasts? Like, real big? You’re saying someone with flat chest like me amount to nothing? I’m trash? What, I’m lower than trash? He, hehehe…. Hehehehehehe…

Riaa: Nooo! Don’t kill yourself by jumping into the sea! You can’t die that way!

Kave: That’s not the point!

Four: T-that’s it for this corner!

(Disturbing voices could be heard as the sound fades out…)


Riaa: We’re back! Sadly, we’re on the end of the talk.

Four: Thank you Kave and Ilisono for all the interesting information!

Kave: You’re welcome.

Ili: No problem.

Riaa: It’s also a precious learning experience for us—never mention ‘that’ topic in front of Ilisono…

Ili: Hmmm? What did you say, Riaa?

Riaa: N-nothing!

Four: Thank you for your attention. We shall continue the talk in later date.

Riaa: Next segment might be hosted by a whole different cast, who knows? See you!



LiesMan: Thank you for reading! It’s a bit long, I know but I’m just having a lot of fun with these characters! orz

See you on the next chapter!

Bits of information about Blakk Archipelago Chronicles, told by the characters.
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