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Talk1 by JimLiesman
Riaa: Howdy! Welcome to "Let's Go! Blakk Archipelago TALK"! I, Riaa, will be your host!
Four: Welcome, viewers. My name is Four. I shall be the co-host for this talk. In this segment, we will talk about various stuff that is related to the Blakk Archipelago story. About the Archipelago itself, people around it, and many more.
Riaa: Simply, this is the place to know more about Blakk Archipelago and us, the characters!
Four: The main episode focus more on the action, so here we will concentrate on other stuff.
Riaa: Even the action girl Four can get bored, right?
Four: Right. Now let's move on.

Riaa: Let's start "What Happened?!" Corner! Here, we will talk about recent developments of the story. We're just passed the first few chapter. Let's talk about the recent developments.
Four: (sweating) Ah... I rather not...
Riaa: So, Four! About what happened to you in the first job--
Four: Please don't remind me! I might jump off a cliff if you mention it again! It's just too embarrassing, failing my very first mission...
Riaa: Ahahaha... You mind about that more than the fact that you almost died...
Four: Even though I look like this, I went through harsh training since I was a child. I can handle drowning I guess.
Riaa: Does that training covers aquatic stuff? Like swimming and such?
Four: Of course. Mainland might not have many bodies of water, but my master made me ready for anything. He trained me well in swimming, diving, and stuff like that.
Riaa: No wonder you seemed to be a great swimmer. You are a precious asset for our team, you know?
Four: Thank you.
Riaa: Ahh, yes yes, let's go back to the corner. Four seems to be having a hard time socializing with her new teammates? Is it true?
Four: Not really. Kave is a nice, polite girl. Ilisono... Well, she's a bit difficult I think.
Riaa: It is understandable if she's a bit haughty. She came from a rather rich family with a 'twist'. Whoops, that story will be told another time! By the way, what about me, Four? I'm friendly enough right?
Four: ...
Riaa: Hey, what's with that condescending look!? I'm friendly right?!
Four: Umm, Riaa... should be put in her own category, I think.
Riaa: What's that supposed to mean! Uuuu~
Four: Please don't sulk and continue the corner.
Riaa: Hmph! Okay, okay. Four--kind of--passed her first job, and bigger job awaits the team! Apparently, it's a real big job! Will the team be able to finish it? Find out in the new episode! ...Aaand that's it for "What Happened?!" Corner!

Riaa: Okay, now we're moving to... "What's this? What's that?" Corner!
Four: So, what's this corner about?
Riaa: We will talk about all things related to the Archipelago! For our first episode, let's focus on something basic. We will talk about Treasure Hunter job, which is, our job!
Four: Please explain in detail.
Riaa: Right on. Treasure Hunter is one of many jobs you can find on Blakk Archipelago. If you want to be specific, the complete name is "Underwater Treasure Hunter"! As the name implies, it involves doing underwater activity, such as diving and swimming. We will search underwater for fortune. Treasure, artifact, name it. But that's not all the job we take though!
Four: Yes, as shown on the previous chapter where we were cleaning the sea from trash.
Riaa: Yep! We will do any job related to underwater stuff. Look at the episode where we rescued that poor boy!
Four: To be honest, that touched me. I mean, you can help people in many ways, can't you?
Riaa: Right-o. Now, becoming a Treasure Hunter is easy, as long as you have a team and a 'Contractor'. Usually, one contractor manages 3 or 4 members. He's basically the manager of the team, you might say. He will sprinkle you with sea water, and that's it, you're a Treasure Hunter!
Four: Hmm, so easy, making me wonder if it's a scam or something.
Riaa: As a Treasure Hunter, you will find your ability related to underwater activity increased. Such as breatholding and diving. Also, you will never die in the water bodies around Archipelago because of the Protector. If you drown, he will send you back to contractor's side. Neat isn't it?
Four: Apparently I learned it the hard way. Then, what about those special abilities?
Riaa: Ah, right. Special abilities like super strength Kave has or super sight Ili has is one of the perks being a Treasure Hunter. You will get only one ability, and you will never know what kind of ability you get, so pray for the best!
Four: Noku said I need time and training to activate mine... Anyway, what's your special ability, Riaa?
Riaa: Heee.... You wanna know? It's a S-E-C-R-E-T! Find out in the next chapter! Anyway, Treasure Hunter is a rather popular job, but many people who tried it for easy fame and fortune, ended up failing everything and stopped being one.
Four: Harsh environment? Work is too hard?
Riaa: Pretty much. Even with The Contractor's blessing, some people cannot move underwater very well. Some have short breatholding skill. Some are terrible swimmers. Thus, Treasure Hunters that stayed as treasure hunters are rather small in numbers.
Four: Quick fame and fortune, eh...?
Riaa: Yep! The Sea Protector basically promoted this job with those baits. As job field for girls are rather small, everyone suddenly want those sweet booties!
Four: Yeah, with his protection people might think it's easy or something... Wait, what did you say? Girls?
Riaa: Oh, didn't I tell you? Only girls are able to be a Treasure Hunter.
Four: No! This is the first time you tell me! What the...? What kind of rule is that?
Riaa: Hehe... Apparently, the sea protector is rather perverted. He wanted to see girls in skimpy swimsuits swimming around his territory. Basically, no boys allowed! Not to mention you have to wear swimsuits or similar lighter wear, or you will not get the protection! Basically, no swimming with normal clothes, wear the proper attire!
Four: Wow, just wow. This is too much for me. Also, now I understand why Ilisono said those things to me...
Riaa: Let's ignore the shocked Four so she will calm down and move on!

Riaa: Now we're on the end of the talk.
Four: Thank you for your attention. We shall continue the talk in later date.
Riaa: Hey, next time Ili and Kave might be joining us! Look forward to it! See you!


LiesMan: Thank you for reading, I hope you keep following the story. Next episode is a long episode with lots of happening! Please look forward to it!
Bits of information about Blakk Archipelago Chronicles, told by the characters.
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