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WARNING: THIS IS JUST FOR FUN. Mallard's adventures actually happened... Or not, it's up to you ^_^

Basically this is a what-if scenario, what if Jade Mallard's Big Scoop is actually a film? And this is a part of an interview with the actresses.
I know which part would interest you guys the most, about the UW parts XD. So here you go!

Behind2 Copy by JimLiesman
Claire Belmont as Jade Mallard, a young, enthusiastic journalist.
Kikuko Yamane as Kohaku Igarashi, Mallard's sidekick.


So, about the underwater scene. It was the climax of the story and a thrilling one on top of that! Anything you two would like to say about it?

KY: (giggles) Belmont was a terrible swimmer.

CB: Wha? Was I really that bad?

KY: Actually, yes. You see, she kept saying that the whole underwater scene would be over in a minute. In reality, we had to retake a lot. I mean, a lot!

CB: Well, I have to spent a long time without breathing and my ankle is tied to the bottom of the pool… Normal people would at least panicked, wouldn’t they?

KY: We’re blessed to have a really helpful safety divers. I had a lot of fun shooting the whole scene.

CB: I also want to say thanks to Johnson, the instructor who helped me a lot. Before this, I was pretty sure I’m at least a decent swimmer. But after the shoot, and looking at how Kiku did her job so, so well… I feel like an insect (laughs)

Indeed, Miss Yamane has plenty of experiences regarding action scenes, including stuff that related to water.

CB: Yes! That’s why it’s not fair to expect me to do as well as she was! Like, I once said to the director, ‘Sir, I am a human. That person, over there, is probably a mermaid!’

KY: (laughs)

CB: I guess I’m just making excuses but, man, lately I’m in too much drama or romance stuff! Can you give me a break? (laughs) But working with Kiku was a real experience. I learned a lot.

KY: My most important advice was ‘Claire, listen to the instructors and don’t be reckless’ and indeed she followed it, at least after struggling a few times. (giggles)

CB: It was a really important advice.

Miss Belmont, was it that hard to remain underwater?

CB: You do realize that I'm not only have to stay there, but also act? Making this and that expression... If my fear's coming up I usually couldn't act anymore and asking for air immediately.

KY: From my observation, Belmont had the most problem with the last part of the scene--the lockpicking part. She has to act like she's trying to unlock and release the steel ball from her ankle. It shouldn't be too quick, because it would be awkward and unreal, but of course it shouldn't be too long either... I remember there's one take that clearly she pushed herself too far, and she looked like she's gonna drown! That scared me.

CB: Aah, yes, I remember. My mind basically went blank that time, I just start waving at the safety diver desperately (laughs)

KY: That's why I said you should listen to the instructors.

CB: Yes ma'am.

Behind The Scenes Nowtmk Copy by JimLiesman
That one failed take.

Was there any talk about using replacement? Since you know that the stunt was pretty dangerous...

CB: Hmm... I think there's once...

KY: Yes. If I'm not mistaken the director gave us a recommendation...

CB: But then he added at the end, "It would be great if you don't use one." I thought to myself, just say it if you don't want me to use replacement!

KY: The director wanted to shot the underwater peril scene as natural as possible. That's why we had a lot of training regarding that scene. Also Claire doesn't like to use replacement, right?

CB: Yeah, I did say that... But I think this time those words bit me back (laughs)

Any other things you want to say about the scene?

CB: Hmm... What else...

KY: The peril scene was shot inside an indoor pool, but after that, there's a scene where we were outside, swimming to the riverbank--

CB: Oh god, yes! That! It was freezing!

KY: I think it was fall...

CB: Yeah, that scene was shot around October or November I think? Just imagine if you're soaking wet and only wearing underwear, AT NIGHT! It's crazy!

KY: (giggles) I guess that scene was the most memorable for me. The day after I didn't go out of my house at all, except when it's related to work.

CB: The day after I think I woke up at 11:00 AM. I fell in love with my bed's warmth.

You two probably heard, but the sequels will most likely have more underwater scenes. Are you two ready?

KY: I’m always ready. What about you, Claire?

CB: I’ll go to the pool more often (both laughs) But Director actually added that the scenes will be more harsh. I have no excuse not to train and exercise more.

KY: You can consult me or the instructors if you have any difficulties.

CB: I’ll do that. I’ll definitely do that. 

More about the game:…

Download the game HERE:…

In movies with underwater scenes, the behind the scenes/interviews about the UW scenes always fascinates me. It's always interesting to see the actor and actress training for it, and usually there some bits about how the actor/actress became much better swimmer after the film. I guess this made-up interview is kind of like that.

Don't forget that the characters interviewed here are not exactly the same characters in the story. They might have different personalities.

Anyway, about the continuation of Mallard's story... I'm sorry but you still have to wait for it. There's some changes in the plot and now I'm in the process of writing it. Thank you for your understanding! ^_^

(PS: I don't know which category this should be in. I'm sorry if I'm wrong.)
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She might have some hard times to breath hold! :)
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Yeah! ^_^
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