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Episode 5 002 Anytime! by JimLiesman Episode 5 002 Anytime! by JimLiesman
They all immediately dived into the cave. Four was already getting used to its darkness, thanks to the group's long dive earlier. Meanwhile the group separated themselves--Riaa went with Elen to study the method of mining, Ilisono went with Listya to search for Blakdite, while Kave went with Engarde into the deeper part of the mine.

Four realized she was stuck with the twins. The younger one gave Four a big smile and waved her hand as in she wanted Four to follow her. The older followed her first before Four decided to go with them.


In the first intersection, Riaa and Elen turned right. They arrived at a rather dark cave. Riaa noticed there were no Blakdite popping out from the walls. Elen urged Riaa to follow her, and further into that cave they found an air pocket.

"Phuuah! Ah, Elen, so this is what you mean by a good mining place?"

"Yes. If we cannot see any Blakdite on the walls, that means the Blakdites in the area are still pure. Those will sell much better. But of course, because it's pretty dark it would be a bit hard to mine. Are you ready, Miss Riaa?"


They nodded, took a deep breath then dived back underwater. Elen readied her pickaxe. Riaa was mimicking Elen's stance as she started hitting the rocks. But as Riaa gave too much energy to her stance--not to mention she wanted to look cool--she leaned back way too much and started to lose her balance.

"Unggg," Elen shook her head when she saw Riaa's stance. Elen straightened her body and make the smallest movement possible when mining.

So basically no exaggerated movement!

It seemed like Riaa already caught up with Elen's teaching as she was able to mine better. Elen looked at her while smiling. Riaa gave a smile back and she gave her a thumbs up.
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