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Episode 5 001 Welcome, y'all! by JimLiesman Episode 5 001 Welcome, y'all! by JimLiesman
Listya and Elen brought Four and the others to a group of small huts hidden between the cliffs. Kave told the others that place was her home.

"Specifically, it's where I live when I was training as a Treasure Hunter. It's some sort of diving school I guess. The grand master, or you can say the owner, is Elen's sister, Engarde. Did I mention Elen and I are cousins? That's why I can train there for free."

"Well aren't that convenient," Ilisono threw snide remark as always. Riaa and Four giggled.

"Now you've mentioned it, I remember the twins we met in the cave and Elen here are wearing kind of similar swimsuit! So it's kind of a uniform! Wait, but then, why are you wearing a different swimsuit, Listya?" Riaa got confused with her words and asked Listya.

"Aah, I graduated already. Everyone that graduated from the school isn't bound with the rules anymore. Well, Elen's a bit awkward as she just made a variation of the swim uniform. Meanwhile, I can wear whatever I want! Hehee, Kave, isn't my swimsuit cute?"

Kave smiled, "I think it's pretty fitting for you."

"Hehee! Thanks!"

"But even though you're graduated already, you're still here... So you're now a staff?" Asked Four.

"Kinda. I help Elen and the Grand Master teaching. We have two students currently... The twins, you met them already don't you? I don't have any big dream as a successful treasure hunter or anything, so I thought, why don't I just help master?"

After that, they all reached the school. A short haired woman stood on the entrance. She smiled as she saw Four's group closing in.

"Welcome, y'all! I'm Engarde, the Grand Master of Engarde Diving School, and also the owner of this island's Blakdite Mine! Wow, Kave, you look great! Long time no see!"

Four felt overwhelmed by Engarde's spirit. She seemed to be a very confident woman, looking at how she talked and her behavior.

Kave talked with Engarde while the others were chatting. Ilisono were discussing about Blakdite--the stone found on the mine--with Listya who apparently have the same role with Ilisono, a searcher. Then Riaa kept bugging Elen to tell her about how to mine. Elen herself seemed to be overwhelmed by Riaa's vigor. As Four was pondering what to do, she heard the sound of some people running.

"Grand Master! We already found 100 Blakkdite!"

"We succedded, Grand Master!"

The twins, thought Four. Both of them were looking pretty happy, and approached Engarde. It seemed like Engarde gave them a test. The twins also greeted Kave and talked for a bit.

After that, they rested and ate. Noku also came in the afternoon, carrying the girls stuff. He talked to Engarde too, he seemed to know the lady.

Then, when everybody was still being cozy in the hut, Engarde stood, "You guys! Wanna go take a dive in the cave? From what you talked with my girls, I know you lot are interested. How 'bout it?"

"Of course, ma'am!" Riaa ansered with full of spirits. Everybody agreed with her.

"Then let's go! Everybody!" Engarde took her pickaxe and exited the hut.

"Now I will show how much I improve to Kave....!" Whispered Listya to herself.

She was followed by Elen, "Listya, please don't push yourself too hard..."

"Hey, isn't Kave's team's protector look kinda handsome? I mean..."

"What, sis? You're interested in him? Then just say it! Miss Four, could you help my shy sister here?!"

The twins were also being really cheerful. Four sighed as she smiled.

I guess this team have some similarities with us.
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