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Episode 4 002 I'm not scared of anything anymore by JimLiesman Episode 4 002 I'm not scared of anything anymore by JimLiesman

The sea water was pretty clear as always. The cold feeling that embraces Four’s body made her heart skipped a beat. She never thought an activity she did for fun back then, currently is her main job. She never imagines that diving deep in the clear blue sea will be an everyday routine to her.


After enough enjoying the feeling of being underwater, Four looked around and couldn’t find her friends. She found them when she looked downward. Four chased after them.


It’s funny—Four thought. Few weeks ago she wouldn’t even think of following them deeper into the blue. She would immediately go up and fill her lungs with fresh air. But not now. Fearlessly, she dived under, until even sunlight wasn’t clear anymore. She could hear her heart beating louder, but it’s no big deal.


After the ruins incident, I’m not scared of anything anymore…


Kave was leading the way. As always, she swam the quickest. But even then she’s better than most of the time. Probably because she knew these waters pretty well. She led the team into the seabed then moved along it towards a wall of stone.


Kave stopped, and looked around. She seemed to be searching for something. As she found it, she let some bubbles out then continue swimming. After awhile it’s clear that she’s going towards a small cave. Then she entered it without fear. At first, the team hesitated, but in the end they followed Kave, while still holding their air.


Entering the cave, the team was rather surprised. On the wall there were strange colored rocks. Four then remembered that Kave’s hometown was a mining town, so probably these weren’t your usual stones.


Then as Kave swam deeper into the darkness without any doubt, the team followed her silently with occasional sounds of bubbling…

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