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Episode 3 009 Ah, I'm dead. by JimLiesman Episode 3 009 Ah, I'm dead. by JimLiesman

After that, as if she was turned into an another person, Riaa swam. Fast, precise, she had no useless movement. Even Four wasn’t sure, was the girl in front of her a human or a mermaid?


She was sure of everything—every path she chose, every turn she made, Riaa was always sure. She had no hesitation in her eyes. She just looked front, she never turned back. Riaa was dead set at reaching the surface, whatever the cost.


Four felt relieved—at least until she learned that she’s basically half dead. Her air was long gone, water started to fill her lungs little by little. Sometimes, she couldn’t see clearly. Everything seemed to be surrounded by mist. Air bubbles coming from her mouth kept getting smaller until they weren’t coming out anymore. Four’s movement was only fueled by willpower.




At some time, she stopped thinking. She just swam, swam, and swam. That’s the only reason of her existence right now. If she stopped, surely she would be drowned and dead.


It was the same for Riaa—Four could see that Riaa’s eyes were already empty. She used everything, and now she’s empty—of air, of life. Yes, same as Four, Riaa was also moved by her pure willpower. Her will to live, her will to triumph. Her will to win.


…Ah… I’m dead, A slight realization entered Four’s dead mind, I can’t feel my body anymore. Did I stopped swimming? Did I already get transported to the surface? Did we fail? I don’t want that. I don’t want to lose…


It’s the last thing Four thought as her consciousness faded into the darkness…

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