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Episode 3 007 Should I use 'that'? by JimLiesman Episode 3 007 Should I use 'that'? by JimLiesman

Four felt absolute despair as she saw her partner dying. If Riaa drowned and got transported to the surface, there’s no way Four could escape from this place. Four will drown too, and the golden egg and the ruins will be lost forever.


No, she hasn’t lost her consciousness!


Looking at how Riaa hadn’t been transported into the surface, Four was sure. The red girl hadn’t lost her consciousness yet, she’s still awake—no, probably half awake. Her body’s still jerking and bubbles still coming from her mouth. This meant Four still could save her.  But how?


No, I can’t transfer my air or something like that… It will end badly anyway! There should be another way…


Four looked around, and realized the answer as she saw the ceiling.


Should I use ‘that’?


Four closed her eyes and tried to concentrate. She’s trying to remember her training for the past few days. The fruit of her training, the supposedly her ‘special ability’. Four wasn’t even sure what is the actual function for her special ability. Even when she secretly consulted Noku, the man couldn’t understand either. But that time, Four had an image of how should she use the ‘ability’, or she called it, the ‘sword’.


Yes—as her concentration peaked, a sword formed in Four’s hand. She gripped it with her two hands with all of her remaining strength. Before she executed her plan, she looked at Riaa for the last time.


Please, let this work!




With her everything, Four swung her sword, trying to open the path to the future…

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Please survive. :(
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