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Episode 3 006 Don't... Give up...! by JimLiesman Episode 3 006 Don't... Give up...! by JimLiesman

As she felt more and more dizzy as she swam, Four kept going. She kept kicking even though she was really tired, physically and mentally. She still couldn’t see the end of the tunnel. She started to think that the end might not exist.


Her lungs was really hurting, everything inside it just wanted to burst out. Four sometimes imagined if she released everything here and drown, it might not be too bad because she would live anyway. But when she thought of that, Four shook her head and kept swimming.


If we lose here, then all our effort will be lost. Just look at Riaa, she’s still swimming… Hm?


 A question mark raised inside Four’s mind as she saw Riaa stopped swimming. Then the red girl turned her head to see Four. That time, Four was shocked.


Riaa was really pale, as in she seemed to lost her soul. Her eyes were empty, and her cheeks weren’t even puffy anymore—she already let the water inside her body. Four realized that Riaa was already drowned.


With bubbles coming out of her mouth and her body kept jerking, Riaa moved her mouth slowly. Four barely could understand what she was trying to say.


Don’t… Give up…!


Then Riaa lost her consciousness as her body turned limp.

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April 1, 2016
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