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Episode 3 005 Weeks? Months? by JimLiesman Episode 3 005 Weeks? Months? by JimLiesman



Full of frustration, Four slammed the wall—the dead end. She was so frustrated that she just let a lot of bubbles came out of her mouth and nose. She was mad. She was in despair.


It wasn’t that different for Riaa, who floated several meters behind Four—She felt like she just lost a lottery ticket that won the jackpot because she threw it into the rubbish bin herself. She felt the deep despair as she saw the dead end. At that time, she was already using her hand to hold all the air that wanted to escape from her mouth so bad.


Four’s intuition was right, Riaa wasn’t focused as she used Pathfinder earlier. She kept distracting herself with the golden egg. In the end, she chose the wrong path. She regretted everything. She wanted to redeem herself. But what could she do?


The tunnel’s too long—even if they could go back to the last intersection, will they have enough air to continue? Could they guarantee to not choose the wrong path again?


If me and Four drowned here, we will lose the golden egg, and the ruins will be gone. When will we find a new ruins again? Weeks? Months? No, I don’t want to lose here!


“NGRBL!” As Riaa was trying to lift her spirits, she unconsciously let some air out. After that, she’s not sure she could win. She couldn’t hold her hope. She’s too deep in despair.

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