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Episode 3 004 'Pathfinder'... by JimLiesman Episode 3 004 'Pathfinder'... by JimLiesman

Four couldn’t hide the fact that she was a bit panicking. Currently in front of her was a long flooded tunnel, who knows how long it was. Even with the blessing, Four was still frightened. What if it stretch into the end of the world? What if it doesn’t have an end? All the scary questions floating in Four’s head, all the outcome she could see was only her  ended up drowning again.


But even then, there’s a light of hope, and it lied on the redheaded girl with slender body who currently swam in front of Four. Her eyes gleamed, as if she knew she will win in the end. Riaa continued to swim, carrying the golden egg. Four followed her with her everything.


‘Pathfinder’, The ability to find the right way in ruins, is Riaa’s special ability, Four thought, With this, surely we will have no problem… Right?


Four could understand that Riaa’s ability was genuine. Looking at how she just immediately picked a path in an intersection and how sure she looked. Four calmed down, she felt stronger as she kept holding all the air in her lungs.


But there’s one thing which worried Four. It’s how Riaa behaved—as in, she sometimes looked at the egg and giggled. Sometimes she also swam in an exaggerated way, spinning around. Four thought Riaa was happy, too happy even.


Didn’t Kave say Pathfinder needs a strong focus and concentration? I hope nothing’s going wrong.


Four felt a bit aching from her chest, but she continued to hold on hope.

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