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Episode 3 003 Did we get it? by JimLiesman Episode 3 003 Did we get it? by JimLiesman

After swimming for around two minutes, Four and Riaa arrived in a big room. Something  was in the end of it, placed on a pedestal. As Riaa’s eyed brightened when she saw that, she started swimming with full speed.


Four chased after her slowly. When she arrived beside the pedestal, she could see Riaa with some kind of a golden egg in her hand. She looked really happy as she laughed underwater—therefore letting some big bubbles out—and lifting the golden egg high. That’s when Four realized, the egg was the treasure.


Did we get it? So easy! But, didn’t Riaa herself who say we should be careful regarding these stuff…?


As if she activated the bad end flag, Four could hear something closing. When she turned around, the entrance was closed. Immediately, Four panicked. She approached the overly happy Riaa and pointed to the entrance, but Riaa, as if nothing happened, just smiled. Carrying the golden egg, she swam to the wall in the end of the room. There’s a symbol on it, and Riaa pressed it. Suddenly a path opened. Riaa gave Four a thumbs up, then she entered the dark small path. Four felt rather frustrated, but she followed Riaa.



“Nggggggggghhhhhhh…. GLARBBBH!”


Kave gave her all. Even almost all of her air. But the door couldn’t be opened. Yes, even with Kave’s super strength, it still won’t budge. The masculine girl now wanted fresh air and immediately swam to the surface. Meanwhile, Ilisono just floated there, looking at the closed entrance. She’s pretty sure Four and Riaa were still there.


The place me and Kave checked was empty, therefore there should be something inside this entrance. But what is it? Could those two obtain it? I don’t know, really. I  can only pray now.


As Ilisono ended her thoughts, she started to swim quickly to the surface too as she already held her breath for a rather long time.

YoumuNepLowell Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2016
This is looking interesting.
JimLiesman Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Things are only getting more intense after this!
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