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Episode 3 001 You shouldn't say that... by JimLiesman Episode 3 001 You shouldn't say that... by JimLiesman

“So I heard you trained a lot, Four.”


When the team started to take off their clothes and revealed their swimsuits, Riaa said that. Four nodded, replied that after her failure several days ago she trained like crazy. The team  seemed to be impressed, except the haughty Ilisono.


“You still have to prove yourself. You can train for 1000 years and still be an idiot.”


Kave smiled bitterly, “Ili, you shouldn’t say that…”


“No, it’s okay. She’s right. This mission is an important one, as it’s a ruins exploration, right?” Four looked toward the waters, she could see a huge building far beneath the surface.


“Yep. Ruins come and gone, literally. After a team explored it, the ruins will be gone the moment all of the team exited the ruins. We could locate this one, basically because of Noku’s information web. Thanks Noku!” As Riaa thanked him, the man just raised his thumb while still grabbing his booze, “Inside, there will be a precious treasure! It’s not only worth like hundreds of generic treasures, the most important thing is that it can raise our fame! With that on our hand, we can access much more information. Therefore, more cool jobs! Let’s do it, girls! It will be our first ruins treasure!”


All of them ansered with, “Yeah!”


Riaa walked into the middle of them, “According to our recon earlier, we know that there are two paths. We will split the team into two. Me with Four and Ili with Kave. Whoever finds the treasure must approach it carefully and watch the situation. You guys understand?”


“Right,” answered everyone.


“Okay then, let’s roll!”


Riaa jumped into the sea with full spirits, followed by Kave. Ilisono didn’t jump before warning Four, “Don’t you dare take your eyes off Riaa. She’s our leader, but she can be a little too spirited. I guess I’m expecting too much from a newbie, but being cautious doesn’t hurt anyway.” After that, with a graceful form, Ilisono dived into the water.


Four took adeep breath, and then followed her new friends into the deep blue.

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