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Episode 2 006 I want to disappear...! by JimLiesman Episode 2 006 I want to disappear...! by JimLiesman

“COUGH! Ugh! Gasp, ahhh…”


As she was revived, Four coughed a lot of water. She opened her eyes slowly and saw the  vast blue sky. It seemed like she was brought back to the shore. But how? How was she even alive?


“Oh, you’re awake? Good.”


The one who called out to her was Noku. He sat rather far from Four. In his hand was a bottle of beer. Four still couldn’t understand what happened as she sat.


“If you’re asking—no, nobody saved you. ‘The protector’ saved you. I don’t know if Riaa already told you, but ‘The Protector’ will always protect the treasure hunter from dying under the water. It doesn’t mean that treasure hunters won’t drown. They will still drown if they inhale the water, but the protector will bring them back to ‘the contractor’—that’s me—‘s side then revive them with his mumbo-jumbo magic.”


Four just sat there agape. Then she realized what fool she was.


Noku laughed, “I will deliver the message from the others. Riaa said ‘Don’t worry, mistakes happens all the time!’ Kave said, ‘Please don’t push yourself too much.’ And Ili said, ‘Not just uncultured, you are a 100% genuine idiot.’” Then he took a gulp of the beer.


At that moment, Four couldn’t handle her embarrassment anymore. She used her hands to hide her reddened face.


I’m such an idiot… I want to disappear…!

nitirin Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2016
it nice!

I did not know that there is something like this good!
JimLiesman Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! I would appreciate it if you continue reading my work :D
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