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Episode 2 004 Does that mean it's useless? by JimLiesman Episode 2 004 Does that mean it's useless? by JimLiesman

When Four told Riaa about her talk with the others, she just laughed. Four felt annoyed, but it’s her first day working anyway. Riaa agreed, and told Four to take it easy and focus on the job.


Both dived together to the bottom and collected the trash side by side. Four felt after she was blessed by the ‘boss’ of the team, the long haired man named Noku (he just sprinkled her with sea water, that’s it), she felt like she could swim faster, hold her breath longer, and many more. She didn’t have her special powers yet thought, it takes time, said Noku.


But a question remained in her head, I heard that treasure hunters cannot drown, but… She looked at Riaa, who currently struggled to swim to the surface as air bubbles escaped from her mouth.


They go for air, after all…They’re blessed too right? Does that mean it’s useless?


Curiosity overwhelmed Four’s mind. She felt like trying her ‘anti-drowning’ blessing. How does that work? As she saw Riaa’s figure gasping for air on the surface, Four buried her urge to take a deep breath of oxygen and kept diving around the seabed to collect more trash.


That’s when she spotted a small cave under the reef. There, she could see a pile of trash. It seems like that place always overlooked by the cleaners. Four immediately swam there. She didn’t realize that her air supply is running low…

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