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Episode 2 003 Please don't get in my way. by JimLiesman Episode 2 003 Please don't get in my way. by JimLiesman

Done with Kave, Four swam to the final member of the team. There floated the black haired petite beauty. Her name is Ilisono.


“Hm? What do you need?” Shouted Ilisono as she saw Four swam towards her.


“Eh? No, I was just…”


“Please don’t get in my way. What are you wearing, anyway? That’s not a swimsuit right?”


Ilisono’s tone was very harsh, but Four held her complains, “Um, these are my undershirt for my armor. I don’t have much money for a pair of swimsuit so…”


“Unbelievable. What an uncultured person you are. But Riaa already approves of you so I couldn’t say anything. Just remember, don’t get in my way.”


Ilisono dived. Several seconds passed and Four still floated there. She was very annoyed and confused by Ilisono’s attitude.


She’s a beauty, but wow, what a personality, thought Four as she followed Ilisono down.


She then saw Ilisono floated quietly while closing her eyes. As Four wondered what was she doing, she opened her eyes and it happened again—her eyes glowed. She quickly dived to the bottom and as if she could see everything, she took all the trash that was hidden behind sands, rocks, and other things.


Right, she has that unbelievable sight!


Ilisono seemed to ran out of breath as she swam upwards. When she passed Four, she looked at the new member with sharp eyes.


Probably hard to get along with, though…

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March 18, 2016
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