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Episode 2 001 Why am I doing this...? by JimLiesman Episode 2 001 Why am I doing this...? by JimLiesman

That night, it was sort of official that Four joined the team. She wasn’t too eager as she’s not really sure yet, but the redheaded girl kept annoying her about it. For the time being, she decided she will try being a treasure hunter.


Next day, on the way to the job’s place when Four imagined what kind of mission the treasure hunters get, she thought of searching ruins, sunken ship, and similar stuff for treasures. Or probably doing whatever they could do to prevent any accidents in the sea. Suddenly, Four’s spirit increased.


But then, she arrived at the place and…


Why am I doing this…? Four thought as she was undersea carrying a bag and  a trash clamp. As she held her breath and endured the pressure, she looked around for trash on the bottom with the other three girls. She felt like this was some kind of a cruel joke.


“Well, everybody’s gotta eat right? We can’t always get cool missions, you know? Cleaning the seabed is also important, you know?”


That was what the redheaded girl said to Four when they both came up for air. She laughed like always, her smile was brighter than the sun.


Before they started the job, Four introduces herself to the team. The girls also introduced themselves. Apparently, the redhead’s name was Riaa. She said she worked as a treasure hunter since she was pretty young.


“Hey, why don’t you swim to the others’ place? You can talk with them to know each other better.”


After saying that, Riaa dived down again. At first, Four just floated there dumbfounded. But then she decided to follow Riaa’s recommendation. She saw someone surfaced not too far from her, it’s the masculine-looking short haired girl. Four remembered her name was Kave.

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