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Episode 1 005 I think I will try... by JimLiesman Episode 1 005 I think I will try... by JimLiesman

“Thank you, treasure hunters!”


The teary eyed girl and the boy with big smile thanked the treasure hunters as they walked away. The crowd also gave them an applause. Soaking wet, the treasure hunters smiled. That night, they were heroes.


“Being a treasure hunters means a better affinity with the bodies of water. They can swim more quick, move easier, hold their breath longer and some of them even have special abilities. You see Ili’s—the black haired one—and Kave’s—the short haired one—abilities right?”


Four just nodded as a respond to the white haired man’s explanation. He looked at how satisfied looking were the treasure hunters. The feeling of being able to protect or help someone is the best.


“Riaa, good job on your quick move, immediately helping the boy after I took those rocks out.”


“No problem! I wish Ili would use her vision faster though!”


“I used it, don’t complain… Ah! Noku, what are you doing?”


“It’s your towel, you noisy brat.”


It’s the feeling that Four wanted to feel in her days…


“I think I will try being a treasure hunter.”


After Four said that, the treasure hunters and the white haired man looked at her with surprised eyes. Not only them who were surprised, even Four herself was surprised.


“…Did I say that out loud?” She said as she made this uncomfortable smile.

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