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Episode 1 002 Help! by JimLiesman Episode 1 002 Help! by JimLiesman

The scream was from a little girl who sat at the edge of the dock, facing the water. If one would see carefully, there were bubbles in the water. Every second, the bubbles were reducing.


“He… He went into the water to search for my pendant… But it’s already minutes and he’s still under! Help!”


As Four stood unmoving, not sure what to do, the treasure hunter team started to took off their clothes, revealing swimsuits under. The black haired girl approached the little girl, she asked her several questions. The little girl was panicking, but she was able to answer even if her voice was combined with sobbing.


“Yes… He brought a magic lamp… But it might already out…”


“Don’t worry. We’ll find him. Guys, let’s go.”


With almost perfectly sync movement, the treasure hunter team leaped into the water and then gone. They entered the dark night sea just like that. Four was surprised that they were brave enough to enter such dark water, she thought they might cannot see anything.


Then the white haired man who’s with them walked forward. He swayed his hand and suddenly a big screen appeared in the air. There everybody could see the girls underwater, even if the light wasn’t that good.


Four’s question still stood—what would they do about their sight underwater? How would they break the absolute darkness?

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March 10, 2016
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